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Winter is easily the most damaging season on your skin, so we’ve put together these winter skincare tips to get ahead of that dry dull skin. The air is cold and dry, the winds pick up, and harsh indoor heating takes a toll on your skin. This is the season where we pile on moisturizers and serums and cover up with thick sweaters to keep the dryness at bay. But does it ever seem like you moisturize until the cows come home, only to see flaky skin in just a few hours?

Combating dry skin in winter is hard

Dry skin can be persistent because it is often not enough to just slap on a lotion and call it a day. Dead skin cells (which sit on top of healthy skin and cause dryness and flakiness) block the absorption of liquid into the healthy skin below. In order to actually hydrate the skin, you must first slough off this layer of dead cells before applying moisturizer. Otherwise, the scales will be back in no time!

Treating dry skin on the face and body is done differently. For your body, though, treating dry skin is fairly straightforward: exfoliate, moisturize, and go! For your face, a more honed routine may be needed. This includes cleansing the skin, exfoliating, and moisturizing with oils and creams. Follow these winter skincare tips and let us know how you do!

Winter Skincare Tip 1: Cleanse, Tone, Treat

The trick to reducing dry skin on the face is to gently cleanse, exfoliate, tone the skin, and then apply a serum or your favorite facial oil, finishing with a light moisturizer. If you don’t have a set facial routine to follow, this is a pretty simple one to follow. You can add or subtract steps that you see fit (for example, you might need to exfoliate more or less regularly depending on your skin type). Throwing in a mask once every week or two also wouldn’t hurt!

Some things that should be noted: if your skin is very oily in the first place, don’t try to dry it out. If you’re naturally very dry or flakey, don’t over exfoliate. In doing both of these things, you’re actually being counter productive. Drying out your overly oily skin with harsh cleansers will force your body into producing more oil to compensate, while exfoliating dry skin too frequently will irritate it more. The key here is balance!

We have developed, and are currently adding to, an extensive series of skin care products. Meant for face and body, our Bee Inspired goods nourish the skin with only natural ingredients, like essential oils, plant butters, honey, clay, and powerful botanicals.

Winter Skincare Tip 2: Put a Mask on it

Use a face mask every week to week and a half-masks help to deliver nutrients to the skin, while also pulling out impurities and helping to slough off dead skin. Choose a mask that will treat your specific skin type, apply gently, sit back, and let the mask do its magic.

Our Dry Masks were formulated to be customizable to your skin type. Have acne prone skin? Choose Clarity and mix in honey. Irritated skin will benefit from a Calming Mask, while Bee Inspired, Harvest, and Haute Cocoa are perfect for dry skin. The berry extracts and powders in Bee Inspired help to renew the complexion by providing powerful antioxidants and gentle acids to work away at dead skin cells. Harvest mask is also filled with enzymes that help to renew the complexion by dissolving dried skin. Haute Cocoa is filled with the power of cocoa powder and blueberry extracts, which give the skin a burst of needed minerals and vitamins that make hydration easier.

Haute Cocoa and Clarity Masks with Honey Soap

Winter Skincare Tip 3: Pre-clean with oil and follow with gentle cleanser

Start off your dry skincare routine by gently cleansing the face. Using a cleansing oil to remove makeup and dirt, followed by a gentle foam cleanser or moisturizing wash is a great gentle cleansing process-this type of cleansing will remove excess oils, dirt without stripping the skin.

Using our Face Bar Soap will do all of this! Made with plant oils, oat extracts, rose essential oil, and pink clay, this bar soap is gentle on the face and very sudsy. Gentle enough for everyday use. This soap can help reduce blemishes, as the rose clay draws out impurities from your pores. We carefully formulated this bar to be moisturizing-sometimes, clay products can be excessively drying. Expect brighter, clearer skin after consistent use.

Picture of 3 bars of Face Bar soap with hangtag and muslin bag

Winter Skincare Tip 4: Exfoliate at least once a week

The process of exfoliation removes dead skin cells, which cause flakes and make it difficult for moisturizers to absorb. Choose an exfoliant that is of fine to medium grit-nothing too harsh! Large grains in a face scrub can cause micro abrasions on the skin, and end up doing more harm than good.

  • Aim to exfoliate 1-2 times a week (if you have problem dry areas, target them first).
  • Be gentle! Don’t scrub too harshly.
  • If need be, experiment with coarseness. You may need something softer or scrubbier depending on your skin type and texture.

Although not originally formulated to be a face scrub, Spa Scrub makes for a wonderful mask. It’s made with nutrient-dense rose hip and jojoba oils, which deliver a burst of vitamin C and fatty acids to the skin. Jojoba oil helps to fight acne and uneven skin tone, and also gently moisturizing.

Spa Scrub in 4oz size and 8oz size on white

Chesterhaven Salt Scrub was formulated for your face! Made from very fine-textured pink salts, shea butter, rosehip powder, and berry extracts, Chesterhaven is refreshing and cleansing. In fact, we find that this scrub gently foams up when used. This helps to remove grime from the skin, resulting in a smoother texture and a gentle glow. A good scrub is a necessity if you want to combat dry skin.

Chesterhaven Body Butter with flower petals

Winter Skincare Tip 5: Tone before you moisturize and oil based serum should be the last step.

Toning the skin helps to remove any trace flakes of skin that may still linger after you exfoliate and cleanse. Using witch hazel as a toner is incredibly effective in pulling the last of the dead skin cells from your complexion without over drying like alcohol based astringents. This can help to combat dry skin by allowing moisturizers to sink in faster and work better. Witch hazel can help to reduce redness and excess oiliness when used frequently, and even is useful in reducing the frequency of breakouts.

The next product to use on your skin is your water-based moisturizer while your toner is still wet.

Using a serum or facial oil after you moisturize your skin will provide a nourishing layer that seals moisture into your skin. Our Bee Inspired Facial Oil contains light oils, such as rosehip, jojoba, and camellia, are packed with nutrients that won’t clog your skin. Daily use of facial oils help to decrease the appearance of fine lines while improving other textural issues. Oils add moisture to your skin, which (ironically) reduces the amount of oil your own body has to produce: this can help with acne by controlling sebum production.

Bee Inspired Facial Oil with face towels

Winter Skincare Tip 6: Polish and Protect the Lips

During the winter, the lips can also become dry and irritated. Occasionally using a lip scrub to remove dead skin will definitely improve the appearance and feeling of your lips. Choose something that does not have artificial colors or flavors, or added alcohols that will further dry the skin.

Blueberry and Raspberry Lip Scrub

Our Lip Scrubs are made with honey crystals and shea butter that smooth and soften. To use, scoop a small bit out and rub on the lips. The mixture will at first exfoliate the lips and then melt to provide moisture. Wipe away with a damp wash towel, and follow with our Sweet Lips Honey Lip Balm to provide lasting hydration. Avoid using matte lipsticks if you are prone to dry lips, as these formulations can suck the moisture right out of your skin.

Bee inspired Lips Gift Set

If your lips are severely dry, make sure that you are drinking enough water. Being hydrated on the inside will help your skin to stay quenched as well. Steer clear from excessive soda and alcohol consumption, which will dehydrate you further.

bee inspired ad with registered trademark and waxing kara honey jars in a row

Winter Skincare Tip 6: Treat Dry Skin on your Body with scrub and butter

Exfoliating the body is an important step in reducing dry skin. In doing this, you essentially scrub off the dry, dead cells that cause itchiness and dullness. Dry skin can be persistent, so make sure to keep up with it! A good beauty technique to introduce to your regimen is dry brushing. This process helps to brush off dead skin while also improving circulation. Occasionally brushing the skin, and then gently (gently!) scrubbing the skin every time you shower and moisturizing afterwards will banish dryness for good!

Body Scrubs

Home remedies for dry skin can sometimes be lengthy (soak in this, roll in that). To simplify things, we formulated our line of butters and scrubs. In the shower, scrub the skin with one of our Honey Body Scrubs. Made with shea and cocoa butters for rich moisture and honey crystals for gentle exfoliation.

Some of our scrubs have different textures-our Grounded Scrub has a course texture thanks to coffee grounds, while Harvest is a finer grit. Choose a scrub based on your skin type, sensitivity, and level of dryness.

Cafffiene Body Scrub Series

Body Butters

Follow exfoliation by towel drying and applying a Body Butter to lock in moisture. Our Butter is with plant butters, honey, and essential oils to be incredibly moisturizing and nourishing. These are too heavy to be used on your face (hello, clogged pores!) but they are perfect for elbows and legs.

Our Winter Butter is a special treatment for the cold months. This butter is highly moisturizing but light. A little bit smoothed over the skin will melt right in, locking in hydration for a whole day. A

For year-round treatment of dry skin, try an of our other Honey Body Butters. Made from only natural ingredients that soothe dry and itchy skin for ultimate hydration.

Peace of Mind Honey Body Butter in 4oz and 8oz size on white

Winter Skincare Tip 7: Maintain with Balms and Oils

Excessively dry skin would benefit greatly from a heavier balm or body oil. This type of product not only soaks into the skin, but leaves behind a moisturizing barrier to prevent dryness from creeping back in. Balms and body oils are preferred for use at nighttime, before bed, because they are rather heavy. We recommend our Balm to Oil or a Spa Candle to treat severely dry skin. For a portable moisturizer, toss a Sweet Body Balm into your bag. Made with skin safe soy wax, plant oils, and natural essential oils for superb moisturization.

Sweet Body Balm is a portable moisturizer and perfume stick.

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