It’s None of Your Beeswax! Well, Maybe It Is…

Ever wonder where beeswax comes from?

Well, hold onto your hat as Emma explores the origins of beeswax. You may be surprised about what she discovers, and where she goes with this new information. Her journey started in the middle of winter. It’s that time of year, the air is cold, crisp and dry. Your lips are like two sheets of sandpaper.

Where does beeswax come from? Photo credit Debbe Krape via
Bee Secreting Wax Photo credit Debbe Krape via

Beeswax is playing a bigger role in your life than you ever could have imagined. No matter how much lip balm you apply to your lips, they refuse to comply. Before you know it, those faint, little lines begin to reappear as winter’s cold air attacks, leaving your lips shriveled up like a prune. But, not to fear for beeswax actually serves as a seal for the lips, defending against air and anything else that could dry them out!

In recent weeks, we did our annual filtering at the Honey House.

Many don’t know though that beeswax is used in cosmetic products such as lip balm and body balm and body butter. Beeswax is also commonly utilized for candles, medicines, varnishes, electrical parts, and even as a coating for the cheese to prevent mold. A lot of natural car waxes also contain beeswax. Clearly, beeswax can be used for a vast range of things, but where does beeswax come from?

Beeswax fresh from mold
Freshly drawn beeswax at our Honey House in Owings Mills, Maryland

Young honeybees are in charge of producing the wax. Beneath their “bellies,” the young honeybees have four special glands that excrete liquid wax, the way that we humans sweat. Once exposed to air, the wax begins to harden. As the honey bees grow older, they lose this ability as their wax glands become inactive. Essentially, beeswax could be equated to human waste. . . that’s right, beeswax is poop.

Before you think that this is disgusting or ridiculous, I think we can really appreciate how beeswax is implemented into the bee life.

Beeswax holds up the hives; the honeycombs are actually made from the wax secreted by the young honeybees. Bee Secrete Wax. Today, no matter where you stand politically, it is safe to say that the world currently is pretty messed up. Unfortunately, on top of all the craziness occurring throughout the world, we are not supporting one another. The amount of polarization within society today is outrageous. I don’t have any solutions to the huge issues facing the world, but I do know that it is way more difficult, perhaps impossible, to do anything about these problems when people refuse to work together, side by side.

At first glance the beeswax seems horrible, secreted from the underside of an insect!

However, if you take the time, it can become something useful like lip balm. And while lip balm definitely will not repair the world, it does solve chapped lips. You have to start somewhere.

Beeswax literally holds the hive together.

During this time of contention, we must not let the evil pull us apart, but rather use this time to come together. It’s our world that we live in, so at the end of the day, it is our beeswax! Show love to those around you and work towards making the world better, one step at a time.

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Emma S. is guest blogging here for us at the Honey House while on winter break from college. We’re so lucky to share her perspectives on bees, wax, love, and happiness.

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Where does beeswax come from?

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Kara waxes about the bees, creates and tests recipes with her friend Joyce, and does her best to share what she’s learned and continues to learn about the bees, honey, ingredients we use and more.

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2 thoughts on “It’s None of Your Beeswax! Well, Maybe It Is…

  1. Beeswax is no more like poop than sweat or spit. It is a glandular excretion, not the end waste products of the digestive system.

    1. thanks Wes. Our writer took a little artistic license on this one and she was so cute about it, we let it slide. :) Thanks for weighing in.

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