Wedding Season Honey Gifts for the Bride-to-Bee

It’s hard to believe that Wedding Season is upon us again. Have you ever wondered when the practice of giving wedding gifts started in history? Wedding gifts for brides date back hundreds of years. The method of providing a dowry was commonplace in the middle ages. Hope chests, filled with the future wife goods, became fairly common in America during colonial times.

Wedding Season table setting with beautiful pink flowers and white table-coverings

The tradition of gift-giving for weddings dates back to the 1920s when Macy’s debuted the first bridal registry.

In the early days of wedding season gifting, it was common to gift a bride ornate crystal, silver, and China. Our Honey Gifts make a lot more sense for your soon-to-be bride instead of an old hope chest filled with linens and trinkets or a silver serving tray that will only resurface for holidays.

Wedding Season requires home spa treatments

Home spa treatments for the bride to be including face masks, bath soaks, lip balms, and calming teas with honey will help her look her best for her big day and ease the tension that comes with planning a wedding.

In preparation for the wedding season, we’ve compiled seven of our favorite gifts for every bride-to-bee!

Our Bride-to-Bee Honey Gift comes with five gifts from our Honey House that are sure to say, “I’m so happy for you.” Featuring soaps, a mask, a candle, a Honey Lollipop, and a Lip Tint, this gift bag will let the bride know that you wish her the best on her big day.

Gift of Gabby Gift Set Editorial by HiLeasha O'Nan

This Peace of Mind Spa Bag is an amazing gift for the bride. She’ll detoxify, fortify, and improve circulation all while relaxing, and preparing new skin for a glowing complexion.

Spa Bag filled with Peace of Mind line

This honey tasting tower is a fun gift for after-dinner with the whole family while reminiscing about the events leading up to and the actual ceremony and party after. Each honey has a unique flavor profile. The thing that makes this extra-special is the companion booklet. It provides tasting notes and suggestions on the best uses of each honey.

Honey Tasting inside an empty hive on a desk

Glowing, soft lips are a requirement of every bride. Make sure the leading lady has blushing lips. She will love our Sweet Lips Plum Trio. These lip balms are all-natural, 92% organic, highly moisturizing, and leave the lips tinted with a light sheen of color. Other colors of our Sweet Lips are also available, so take your pick.

Sweet Lips plum Lip tints on wood

The Bee Inspired Mask is a fruity and aromatic mask inspired by bees that cleanse, softens and renews tired skin as it boosts brightness. Helping to clear and tighten skin, it makes the face glowing and radiant.

Bee Inspired Mask and Scrub

Our Sea+Tea Soak is designed to detox and soothe your whole body. This soak will help any anxious bride to relax and unwind before and after she ties the knot. You might like to use it as well!

Sea+Tea Soak in bowl

What is a wedding without a bit of sweetness?

Our Spring Honey is light and floral, perfect for wedding season treats. It’s also among all great honey gifts to send to a newlywed couple stocking their pantry with everything they need (and we think that they’ll need this honey).

wkara spring honey on green bed

If you decide to give any of these gifts, be sure to take a photo and share them with us using #waxingkara on Instagram. We love seeing your photos and we’ll share them with our followers!

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