A New Take on Valentine Chocolates

We aren’t speaking of the traditional Valentine Chocolates. We are somewhere else altogether, as in all over the body chocolate. Sound sexy? We thought so too. While a good box of chocolates is always lovely, we think it’s about time to mix it up and give something a little bit different. Don’t you agree? Lucky for you, we have something up our sleeve!

Ingredients including blueberries, sunflower oil, cocoa powder, and shea butter are combined in our Haute Cocoa collection. The perfect valentines day chocolate gift!

Our Haute Cocoa® line features luxurious organic cocoa powder, extracts, and oils that your skin will love. Did you know that there are many benefits of cocoa powder for skin? This chocolatey collection nurtures the body without adding to the waistline. That’s what we call a win-win.

Who doesn’t love the gift of chocolates for Valentine’s Day?

Does your honey have dry skin? The cold air and blaring artificial heat of the winter can really take a toll on the body. That’s why our Haute Cocoa Scrub is a necessity for the season! It’s the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for the skincare lover. Made with honey crystals, plant butter, cocoa powder, and a rich natural fragrance, this scrub polishes away dullness to reveal a glowing complexion.

Haute Cocoa Scrub in 4oz and 8oz size on white

To completely wrap the skin in comfort, try Haute Cocoa Butter. Made as the perfect companion for Haute Cocoa Scrub, this butter is nourishing, thick, and supremely moisturizing. With a warm chocolate scent, it’s perfect for Valentine’s Day (along with a bundle of roses!)

Haute Cocoa Butter in 4oz and 8oz size on white

Does your honey love a good face mask? We have a chocolatey surprise for you! Haute Cocoa Dry Mask is made with clay, cocoa powder, and blueberry extract for antioxidant-packed skin treatment. Blend the powder with a liquid mixer-we like honey and greek yogurt-to create a nourishing cream treatment for the skin. Perfect for use on the face, hands, and neck.

Valentine Chocolates that make a difference in how you look

Haute Cocoa Mask being applied with a makeup brush

Fill your home with the fragrance of dark chocolate-or as some of our customers tell us, “fresh brownies” with an Haute Cocoa Chocolate Soy Candle. Made with a clean-burning blend of soy and fragrance oils that are safer for you and the environment than a traditional paraffin candle.

Haute Cocoa Candles on piano

Specially Curated Chocolate Gifts for Valentines Day

For a complete collection of cocoa infused products, an Haute Cocoa Spa Tower would make a great gift. With five specially formulated products, this tower treats the skin with cocoa extracts, shea butter, mineral salts, and a boatload of other natural ingredients.

Haute Cocoa Renewing Ritual on white background

Our Haute Body Box is a beautifully packaged gift for your chocolate-loving honey. Designed with love in mind, this box is given a head to toe chocolate treatment that’s absolutely luxurious.

Another great gift collection is our Haute Mama Gift. A special Bee Inspired gift, Haute Mama is a great Valentine’s Day present for any new mom, wife, or girlfriend. Created with the idea of pampering in mind, it contains a relaxing, soothing combination of products that help to renew the body and ease the mind.

Haute Mama Honey Gift set on table

This Valentine’s Day, instead of giving a box of chocolates, spice things up with Valentine chocolates that he/she will love. Handmade with ingredients you can feel good about, Waxing Kara products hail from a woman-owned company that encourages environmental stewardship and dedication to do what is right.

Want more information on the benefits of cocoa? We’ve done a lot of research into the topic and we’d like to share!

Happy Valentine’s Day…remember to bee sweet!

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