Fourteen Lavender Recipes for Health and Household.

Lavender is our favorite herb and the main fragrance in our Peace of Mind Collection! At our Chesterhaven Beach Farm, we grow around 500 lavender plants. These lavender plants produce a large crop of flowers every summer that we harvest, dry, and process for later use throughout the year. These plants are grown organically, without chemicals or pesticides; it is safe to use Lavender in our products. We use Lavender in our Calming Mask and Lavender Honey Lollipops. Lavender recipes abound here at Waxing Kara.

Bright photo of lavender
Lavender in late spring on Chesterhaven Beach Farm

There are lots of ways to use Lavender

Lavender is a beautiful and functional herb to grow in your home. As long as you have a bright and sunny area with good soil drainage for this crop, rocky or sandy soil is ideal, as the plants don’t need a lot of fertilizer and water. The plants can also be grown well in terra cotta pots, as they allow the plants to be moved into the sun when needed and for water to drain away quickly. To learn more about growing Lavender, read about Growing Lavender.

Used in many of our products, we find it beautiful that Lavender is so versatile around the house. Lavender attracts bees and butterflies, and it’s just about the only plant material on the farm that the deer will not bother.

Each June, the lavender crop at Chesterhaven Beach Farm is full bloom. We harvest and dry each plant for our products throughout the year. While there are many uses for lavender flowers, our primary purpose for growing them is to provide food to the bees. It stimulates the bees.

Bee on russian sage collecting nectar and pollen in spring
Bee enjoying nectar

Do you know that there are dozens of uses for the lavender plant? Use it to:

1. Make Bug Repellent

Lavender is an effective bug repellent. It certainly smells better than traditional bug repellent! Crush fresh flowers and rub the bud “oil” on your legs and arms to help repel flies and mosquitoes while outside this summer.

If, however you do get attacked by a mosquito, Lavender is a good remedy for bug bites and itching because it is anti-inflammatory.

2. Make Natural Moth Repellant

Fresh or dried bunches of Lavender around your home and in closets to repel moths, mosquitoes, and flies. The scent repels them. The bonus is living in a home with natural fragrances from plants rather than artificial fragrances.

3. Treat Aches and Pains

If you feel achy from too much gardening, hiking, or canoeing, massage lavender essential oil into your joints and muscles to aid pain relief. For headaches, smelling lavender and peppermint oils or rubbing lavender oil into the temples often helps.

4. Provide Relief from burns and cuts

The lavender essential oil may be used on cuts and burns as an antiseptic mixed with a carrier oil. Lavender helps to soothe sunburns, too. Add a few drops of lavender essential oil to a spray bottle of filtered cold water. Apply to red skin to cool and relieve the pain.

You can also brew dried Lavender as a tea, allow it to chill thoroughly, and apply it to the skin. Store in a dark glass container in your refrigerator, the cold provides added Relief.

There are products on the market that contain artificial lavender fragrances. Natural lavender essential oil is plant-derived. The pure lavender essential oil in our Peace of Mind Body Butter calms sunburnt skin, and the other plant oils help restore moisture.

5. For Culinary uses

Dried Lavender and other dried plants make for soothing teas for relaxation. Use Lavender for seasoning by sprinkling it in a salad to enhance the flavor. Sip on lavender and chamomile tea, don’t forget the honey.

Treat yourself to a delicious dessert. Stir crumbled fresh, edible organic lavender buds and a pinch of cinnamon into vanilla ice cream or frozen yogurt. Drizzle some Spring Honey on top. Enjoy!

Lavender buds

Recipes Using Lavender from Waxing Kara

We’ve gathered and created lavender recipes designed for both the outside of your body and the inside! Lavender is the perfect herb for DIY beauty creations, such as body oils and faces masks. The oils in the plant are very soothing and are known to reduce tension and anxiety when inhaled. We’ve put together quite the collection of lavender recipes to heal your body from the outside in.

6. Making Lavender Tonic

Lavender Tonic can be used to soothe skin irritations and sunburns. The tonic has gentle astringent, antiseptic, calming, and healing qualities that do wonders for your skin. This can also be used as a room spray. Enjoy for about six months as long as you keep it refrigerated.

Lavender Tonic Recipe

This is a room spray or a toner for skin that you can enjoy for about 6 months as long as you keep it refrigerated
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Body oils often feature Lavender as the action of a massage. This, combined with the aroma of the plant oils, is both soothing and healing. We’ve created a Body Oil and a Beard Oil, featuring our favorite purple flower, for you to test out.

7. Using Lavender in our Beard Oil Recipe

This DIY Beard Oil Recipe will take as much or as little time as you have to invest. Please keep it simple or take some time to create something new and different!

DIY Beard Oil Recipe

This DIY beard oil recipe will take as much or as little time as you have to invest. Keep it simple or take some time to create something new and different!
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8. Milk and Honey Face Mask

Lavender is also an excellent ingredient to use in face masks. This Milk and Honey Face Mask is soothing and healing for dry or irritated skin. The Lavender helps to combat signs of aging and redness. Our Honey Avocado Mask is rich and nourishing and helps to moisturize, fight to age, and combat acne. This mask can be customized to your skin’s needs. The final add-in can be your choice of oats, almonds, or coffee.

Milk and Honey Face Mask

This mask can be customized to your skin’s needs. The final add-in can be your choice of oats, almonds, or coffee.
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9. How to Make Cucumber Eye Treatment

Even your eyes can benefit from using Lavender! We concocted a Honey Cucumber Eye Treatment that features lavender tea, which helps to refresh puffy and tired eyes.

How to Make Cucumber Eye Treatment

This cucumber eye treatment is easy and fast to make. During allergy season, you’ll often find me with a couple of cucumbers on my eyes to reduce puffy-red dryness. I am always looking for treatments that may help. This one does!
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Lavender Culinary Uses

10. Lavender and Chamomile Tea

While many people speak of Lavender’s therapeutic benefits when used externally, many do not know how good it is to use in the kitchen. Desserts and teas take exceptionally well to the solid floral scents that the plant produces. Here are three of our favorite lavender recipes to try when you’re feeling adventurous! This Lavender and Chamomile Tea with Lime is caffeine-free and is delicious hot or iced.

Lavender and Chamomile Tea

Lavender Chamomile Tea is naturally caffeine-free and a great way to wind down from a busy day. Serve this tea cold or hot depending on your desire.
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11. Lavender-Infused Honey

Lavender Infused Honey is something special that you can make with your favorite variety of our Eastern Shore Honey.

Lavender-Infused Honey

This delightful infusion will brighten any cup of tea or baked good, even your morning yogurt with the fresh herbal flavor of lavender.
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12. Lavender Marshmallows with honey

If you want to give a gourmet floral fragrance to your next cup of hot chocolate or fireside s’mores, you can make these delicate Lavender Honey Marshmallows.

Lavender Marshmallows with honey

This Honey and Lavender Marshmallows recipe was provided by "A Beautiful Mess" with permission by the creators. We always love working with other foodies and creating our own special twist on recipes.
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13. How to make Lavender Body Oil

Learning how to make lavender body oil is simple. You can whip up a batch large enough for a dozen holiday gifts and fill all the dropper bottles in less than an hour.

Lavender Body Oil Recipe

Lavender Body Oil Recipe is soothing and relaxing and makes a perfect gift!
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14. Use Lavender in Black and Blue Jam

This beautiful Black and Blue Jam is slightly herbal and sweet as honey. We make this in season, and the house smells delightful.

Black and Blue Jam

Mixing berries in jams and jellies is nothing new, but adding lemon and lavender gives these preserves a special twist to a classic recipe. 
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If you decide to try any of these fantastic recipes, take a photo and share them with us using #waxingkararecipes on Instagram. We love seeing your photos!