Uncommon Goods are Uncommon(ly) Good Goods from Waxing Kara

For quite a few years now, Uncommon Goods carried a few specialty items that we developed specifically for them. It was a match made in heaven. It was a great honor to be part of their offerings. There are not many catalogs today that are similar to them.

The Uncommon Goods brand reminded me so much of the old Lillian Vernon Catalog that my grandmother was so devoted to each season. It seemed to me to be a modernized version of that catalog.

Peace of Mind Spa in a Bag with all products outside of bag on white

Uncommon Goods Peace of Mind Spa Bag

The first Waxing Kara product, our original Peace of Mind Spa Bag, achieved great success. We sold some 3,000 bags through Uncommon Goods. I can remember the earliest days of pack-out. I would grab friends and ask them to help. This product predated our labeling scheme. As a result, the FDA required information on each product was printed on an insert and enclosed on an insert with all of the FDA labeling requirements.

To achieve ultimate shipping safety, we hand-wrapped each item in the bag with bubble wrap. Once the product was packed, we wrapped the outer “spa bag” in a plastic bag that could be sealed and made almost air-tight. The last and final steps included filling shipping boxes to a certain weight and carton marking instructions. I can remember how accomplished I felt when the UPS man arrived to pick up the packages.

Waxing Kara Original Spa Tower featured in the Uncommon Goods Catalog and on the Uncommon Goods web site

Original Spa Tower Exclusive to UG

This new product was to be similar to the spa bag, but include more and come in sleeker (and easier to pack-out) packaging. The beautiful people at Uncommon Goods loved the idea! Similar to our Serenity Spa Tower the original spa tower was a major success.

With the support of the lovely people at Uncommon Goods, we launched our very first and Original Spa Tower. The original Spa Tower included our 2oz sizes of the Tradition Candle, Peace Soak, Strength Butter, Clarity Mask, and Good Fortune Green Tea Scrub.

Our Spa Towers, of which there are many today, renew your skin and create an indulgent spa experience at home. This gem is entirely made by hand with organic and natural ingredients designed to detoxify, replenish and rejuvenate mind, body, and soul.

Our Haute Cocoa Body Box features our collection of chocolatey products that sweeten and smooth the skin.

Haute Cocoa Body Gift

We were always developing new ideas for our friends over at Uncommon Goods and the most recent item that they shared, our Haute Cocoa Body Gift, was actually featured on the Business Insider Holiday Gift Guide. What an HONOR that was. Business Insider is an online news portal that makes 97 million impressions a month!

Bees Knees Gift

Bees Knees Gift makes a perfect holiday gift

This Bees Knees Gift is another new gift set that we could easily envision in the Uncommon Goods family of offerings. If you are interested in seeing all of our honey gifts, visit our site.