Treat yourself with our Haute Cocoa Body Box

We’re so excited to bring you our new Haute Cocoa Body Box with you! Treat yourself with cocoa without worrying about calories (but hey, who’s counting?) with our specially formulated and curated line of cocoa body products. Cocoa might not be the first thing you think to put on your skin-but it has amazing benefits you’re probably not aware of. Chocolate is rich in antioxidants that protect from free radicals and caffeine that brightens your skin by boosting circulation. Who knew?

What’s Inside

In your Body Box, you’ll find a Haute Cocoa Body Scrub. This scrub was designed to gently buff the skin while also moisturizing with a light blend of plant oils. As a special treat for your body, you can apply this scrub in the shower and let it sit on your skin for a few minutes: it will allow the vitamins in the cocoa to soak into your skin before washing it off. Naturally occurring caffeine in the cocoa boosts circulation in the skin, helping to brighten and awaken your senses.

haute cocoa scrub in 2 oz size

Next up is our Haute Cocoa Body Butter. This butter is richly moisturizing, and feels like warm silk on the skin. Formulated with shea, coconut, and other plant oils to lock in hydration all day long. It’s free from dimethicone, mineral oils, and petroleum ingredients, meaning that it actually moisturizes your skin instead of leaving a greasy, goopy feel. Perfect for whole body use, next to toes.

Haute Cocoa Body Butter in 4oz and 8oz size on white

To renew your skin and provide a nourishing pop of antioxidants, our Haute Cocoa Mask was formulated with clays, coconut milk, blueberry extract and pure cocoa powder. When used regularly, Haute Cocoa Mask can help to even out your skin’s texture and appearance by providing caffeine and vitamins that banish dullness and may help to reduce fine lines. When mixed with green tea, warm honey, and a few drops of your favorite serum, this mask is a richly nourishing treat to the skin.

Haute Cocoa Rejuvenating Mask

Last, but not least, comes our Haute Cocoa Candle. This candle fills your space with the warm, rich fragrance of dark chocolate…what’s not to love? Free from paraffins and phthalates, this candle is hand poured and made with love. Clean burning and long lasting soy wax and a lead free wick means a safe, soot free burn!

Haute Cocoa soy tin candle with burning wick on white table

Haute Cocoa Body Butter in 4oz and 8oz size on white

Haute Cocoa Body Butter

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Haute Cocoa Mask

Haute Cocoa® Mask

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Haute Cocoa Scrub in 4oz and 8oz size on white

Haute Cocoa® Scrub

Rated 5.00 out of 5

From $16.00

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Haute Mama Gift for the most deserving person in your life

Haute Mama Gift



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