10 Summer Lavender Recipes

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Lavender recipes abound here at Waxing Kara being our favorite herb and main fragrance in our Peace of Mind line! At our Chesterhaven Beach Farm, we have around 500 lavender plants. These lavender plants produce a huge crop of flowers every summer that we harvest, dry, and process for later use throughout the year. These plants are grown organically, without the use of chemicals or pesticides. This means they are incredibly safe to use in our products. You can find lavender in our Peace of Mind Body Butter and Lavender Honey Lollipops.

If you’ve ever considered growing lavender, it’s so easy and it comes back each year.

Lavender buds

Lavender Recipes for the Body

Over the years, we’ve gathered and created a bountiful amount of lavender recipes that are designed for both the outside of your body and the inside! Lavender is the perfect herb to use in your DIY beauty creations, such as body oils and face masks. The oils in the plant are very soothing and are known to reduce tension and anxiety when inhaled. We’ve put together quite the collection of lavender recipes to heal your body from the outside in.

Lavender Tonic can be used to soothe skin irritations and sunburns. The tonic has gentle astringent, antiseptic, calming and healing qualities that do wonders for your skin.

Lavender oil is a relaxing elixir. Dried lavender flowers can be used in a variety of ways. One of my favorites to-dos is a lavender body oil perfect for soothing sore muscles and irritated skin and provides a scent that will relax both mind and body.

Body oils often feature lavender, as the action of a massage. This combined with the aroma of the plant oils, is both soothing and healing. We’ve created a Body Oil and a Beard Oil, both featuring our favorite purple flower, for you to test out.

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Lavender is also a wonderful ingredient to use in face masks. This Milk and Honey Face Mask is soothing and healing for dry or irritated skin. The lavender helps to combat signs of aging and redness. Our Honey Avocado Mask is rich and nourishing, and helps to moisturize, fight aging, and combat acne.

mixing milk and honey mask

Even your eyes can benefit from lavender! We concocted a Honey Cucumber Eye Treatment that features lavender tea which helps to refresh puffy and tired eyes.

Waxing Kara Cucumber and Honey Mask in progress

Lavender Recipes to Eat

While many people know of lavender’s therapeutic benefits when used externally, many do not know how good it is to use in the kitchen. Desserts and teas take especially well to the strong floral scents that the plant produces. Here are three of our favorite lavender recipes for you to try when you’re feeling adventurous with your lavender!

Rose+Lavender Facial Oil


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This Lavender and Chamomile Tea with Lime is caffeine free, and is delicious hot or iced.

This Lavender Chamomile Tea is sure to quench your thirst.

Lavender Infused Honey is something special that you can make with your favorite variety of our Eastern Shore Honey.

Infusing honey with lavender is really easy and a wonderful treat.

If you want to give a gourmet floral fragrance to your next cup of hot chocolate or fireside s’more, you can make these delicate Lavender Honey Marshmallows.

Lavender Marshmallows are a perfect complement to Mexican Hot Chocolate and dairy-free hot cocoa seems Comfort food? Not sure. Just yummy.

More on Lavender

Lavender is a beautiful and useful herb to grow at your home. As long as you have a bright and sunny area with good soil drainage-for this crop, rocky or sandy soil is actually ideal, as the plants don’t need a lot of fertilizer and water. The plants can also be grown well in terra cotta pots, as they allow the plants to be moved into the sun when needed, and for water to drain away easily. To learn more about growing lavender, you can read our Growing Lavender article, and for a more ideas on how to use lavender, check out our Five Ways to Use Lavender blog post!

Lavender in bloom with monarch butterfly

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