Spa History: Rest and Relaxation Through the Centuries

Spa History

The history of the modern spa began in North America as it came into popularity during the mid to late 1700s, as British Colonials brought their practices with them to the new world. These practices and their evolution stem from the ancient societies of Greece and Rome. Citizens long ago considered water an invaluable part of curing ailments. Early health practitioners used it for localized applications and full-body immersion, to drinking it in copious amounts for internal healing. Over time, water flowed from medical applications to those meant for relaxation and pleasure.

Waxing Kara Spa Scrub on table besides woman in bathtub

In turn, spas and word of their usefulness spread across most of Europe. All across the continent, spas grew in tandem with the public interest. Spas often capitalized on the benefits drawn from the particular characteristics of a given region and its mineral-rich water.

Hygiene and bathing were and still are necessities for both rehabilitation and the prevention of illness. Spas now focus on so much more than just hydrotherapy and cleanliness, but you can always expect to leave feeling refreshed and renewed.

What do you associate with the word “spa”?

Does a day of vacation-like relaxation, of ‘take-my-mind-off- things’ repose, sound just about right? Such an image hits directly on what one might find in a spa today: a pampered retreat. Though a modern luxury to us, a historical look at the idea of a spa highlights its origins as an institution of health and wellness, with relaxation as part of bringing the body to its full sense of self.

Spas Today aren’t a whole lot different

Today, spas remain synonymous with a holistic approach to health and renewal, the same approach we take at the Honey House with all of our products. We strive to provide products that nourish, relax, and treat your body with the respect it deserves and the attention it demands. The practical demands in life weigh heavy on us, and will eventually burn everyone out.

Spa History and the modern spa treatment

Enter our spa rituals—a series of home care Spa Towers™ that we have created for all of our busy customers. Transform your bathroom into your spa in as little as 30 minutes with these curated product collections that offer head-to-toe treatments. Each ritual, designed for self-care, provides you with scrubs, butter, teas, and more to brighten your mood and complexion.

Our new Strength Spa Tower™ brings you the ultimate relaxation experience. Enjoy our Detox Mask while you gently exfoliate with our warming, soothing scrub. Use the honey in your tea, or in the tub for an enriching soak-you can even add a drizzle to your face mask! Finish your night with the rich Strength Body Butter, cozy up with a movie, and let yourself relax.

Strength Spa Tower combines warming, renewing products to soothe your skin and body

This is what our customers are saying:

“Today was my first normal day in months. I did a boot camp this afternoon, came home, cooked dinner, and then told my husband to watch whatever he wanted because I was going upstairs to do a Waxing Kara mask.  This sounds pretty lame, but it was heaven.  

I decided to go for the “brightening” one (just feeling pasty and hideous from no sun and a long winter) which smelled beautiful and felt fabulous.  My hair is matted to my head, I have no make up on and yet I feel like I just walked out of a spa.  Truly, it was such a treat and my skin feels so soft and glowing.  I have to order more because I used up the entire jar!!! but just had to tell you how much I loved it.  I am now officially hooked and for someone who no longer seems to have time for facials, etc. – this is just what the doctor ordered.  Thank you, hon.”

“I absolutely loved the SPA TOWER products.  I shut myself in the bathroom and took an hour to treat myself to the entire process. My skin feels amazing and I am a convert!  I told my husband that I need to do this frequently!  Thank you so much for introducing me to this wonderful way to take care of myself.”