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Q: What is the shelf life of honey? I received several products from your farm for Christmas and would like to purchase some honey to share with others. I’m interested in the party favor pack of 2 oz honeys but since I’d be giving it as gifts throughout the year, I’m wondering what the shelf life is for the unopened honey products.  Thanks so much.  I love the honey lollipops!

A: It’s wonderful to hear from you. You’ve made my day! Thank you. Raw honey is a “perfect” food with an indefinite shelf life. It doesn’t go bad, but some nectar gathered by bees begins to crystallize over time. When you buy honey at the supermarket, it’s more than likely been pasteurized (high heat has been applied to it, and all the good “stuff” from pollen to wax have been removed to add to the shelf life). Honey should be stored in airtight glass, away from direct sunlight. Do not refrigerate. If honey becomes cloudy or crystallized, reconstitute by placing the glass jar in a pan of water that has been brought to a boil and removed from heat. Your objective is not get the honey higher than 105 degrees so that it remains “Raw”. Let stand a few minutes and stir or shake.


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