Saving the Bees

There isn’t a news organization today that isn’t covering a story or two about what’s happening to bees today. Saving the bees from pesticides, corn syrup diets, GMOs, Varroa destructor, and other mites, the ever-changing environment, ill-informed beekeeping practices, take your pick or realize that Colony Collapse Disorder is probably a very complicated issue caused by more than one of the above mentioned maladies and doesn’t have one clear-cut solution. Saving the bees is our priority for a number of reasons, not the least of which involves sustainable agriculture without the use of robot bees and nano technology, please. Today I had my own rude awakening about saving the bees. It didn’t involve anything but nature and her fury. A Locust Tree split in half and landed across 3 of our hives. I passed the row of hives thinking something was “off”, I realized a big branch was blocking the view. As I got closer I realized it was a tree.

In the end, I felt entirely lucky and grateful. With some heavy-lifting from a few very strong, very nice friends and chainsaw, I suited up got the girls back in order and think we’ll be ok.

2 thoughts on “Saving the Bees”

  1. Yours might be the most literal case of colony collapse disorder yet. Glad to see you’ve sorted it out.

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