Chesterhaven Spa Tower

A true Farm to Body® Experience

Chesterhaven Spa Tower was inspired by our farm. We chose to honor the awe-inspiring waterfront land, rich with wildflowers, fruit trees and wildlife that is known as Chesterhaven Beach Farm – a revitalized landscape full of health and vibrancy. Enjoy vibrant Bee Inspired® skin with our Chesterhaven Spa Tower.

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Chesterhaven Spa Tower brings you to Chesterhaven Beach Farm without leaving the comfort of home.

Each Chesterhaven Spa Tower comes with a Chesterhaven Spa Candle– the oil that this candle generates is meant to be used on your skin. Enjoy the light, and the aroma, but be sure not to waste even a drop of this incredible candle when you step out of your tub or shower. Fill your bath with our Peace Soak made with Dead Sea and epsom salts that have been infused with lavender flowers. We’ve also included our Chesterhaven Body Butter and our amazing Sea+Tea Mask that will bring your skin on both your face and body to life! Our newest 100% plant-based and largely organic formulation, Chesterhaven Salt Scrub is made with very fine pink mineral salt and can be used on both face and body and the results are fantastic. Chesterhaven Spa Tower is available in 2oz and 4oz container sizes.

Chesterhaven Spa Tower treatment is designed to bring outside indoors, while offering a trip to our beautiful Eastern Shore farm.

Step 1Dry Brush the entire body to warm the skin and prepare it for detoxification. Light our Chesterhaven Spa Candle to get the oils melting, which you will use later in this treatment protocol.

Step 2 – Soak in warm water enriched with Waxing Kara™  Peace Soak. Sodium and potassium levels are well-kept secrets to both physical health and mental well-being. They influence the fluid balance in the body, which is regulated by the Adrenal gland, which in turn affects the healthy function of the kidneys. A far-reaching domino effect is ignited in the body when sodium and potassium levels are skewed. Soaking in Mineral Salts helps restore balance, fortifying your well-being as they coax you into relaxation.

Although Mineral Salt is renowned for its medicinal qualities, we strongly recommended a consultation with a qualified physician before using our products for treatments of Psoriasis, Arthritis, Atopic Dermatitis, Eczema or any other skin disorder.

Directions: We recommend 2 tablespoons for an average-sized bath, and a full container for an oversized tub. Simply scoop and then swirl salts into warm water.

Step 3 – Cleanse and exfoliate your face and body with Waxing Kara Chesterhaven Salt Scrub. We’ve blended fine pink mineral salt with a large amount of shea butter to create a deliciously rich exfoliant system that nourishes the skin while strawberry seeds assist in sloughing expired cells to reveal the fresh, healthy tissue.

Directions: Apply to skin using gentle, circular motions on face and body. Rinse with warm water or warm towels and towel dry.

Step 4 –Fortify and protect with Waxing Kara Sea+Tea Mask. A symphony of green tea, seaweed and clay treats, tones and refines skin as it replenishes vital minerals. The clay cleanses impurities from the skin’s surface to help prevent clogged pores. Nourishing, mineral-rich seaweed restores vitality to dehydrated skin, while green tea repairs and helps to slow signs of aging. This ensemble leads to smooth, hydrated and invigorated skin. Mix with water, or other mixers suggested below targeted for your skin type. Sea+Tea for healthy radiant skin, in perfect harmony.

Directions: Quickly blend a fresh, 100% natural mask targeted to your skin type. Select a mixer after examining the skin- mixing takes 60 seconds or less. Combine 2 parts mask powder to 1 part mixer and blend well. We recommend heightening the sensation by gently warming the selected mixer before combining with mask powder.

Skin Type Suggested Mixer
Combination Milk
Mature Carrot Juice
Oily Citrus Juice
Dry Yogurt

Paint freshly blended mask onto skin and allow remaining for 10-15 minutes. Rinse with warm water or warm towels and towel dry. We recommend treating yourself to a petite facial with this mask or gently rub your feet and rotate your ankles as you relax while the face and body mask works its magic.

Step 5 – Massage freshly cleansed skin and be sure to get all the dry patches and parts (heels, knees and elbows) with the oil from our beautiful Chesterhaven Spa Candle. Finish up with our Chesterhaven Body Butter. Lock in all of these important nutrients and seal the skin with our butter which features honey, cocoa butter, and sweet almond oil. The result is skin that’s as smooth as you can possibly imagine.

Step 6 – Relax: Pour a cup of herbal tea and sweeten with our raw Eastern Shore Honey. Listen to inspiring music. Relax your body and mind.

The Story

Our Honey Body products are handcrafted by teams of incredibly talented and knowledgeable estheticians, product designers, chemists and artisans who carefully craft products in small batches to ensure exceptional quality and consistency expected from a premium line. Our teams utilize only the finest natural ingredients (using as many organics as we can) including certified 100% pure essential oils and other carefully selected natural ingredients to awaken the senses and provide powerful treatments to soothe the mind, body and soul.

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