Cocktails for National Margarita Day

National Margarita Day is here to sell tequila and there’s no more perfect time than the present to host a happy hour featuring your favorite margarita. There are lots of jokes about tequila and the things it makes you do, but if you are a fan of this spirit, join us in creating a few margaritas that are perfectly in step with the season. I am a big margarita fan, especially silver tequila, if you do too, try UNO, it’s the best.

Our peach margarita is the one that is perfectly timed for the summer season. During the winter months, I swap fresh-squeezed grapefruit juice and peel back a grapefruit and muddle the pulp right into the drink. Some welcome additions include a drop of bitters or a sprig of rosemary. If this sounds refreshing, you bet it is, and it’s fondly referred to as a Paloma.

Peach Margarita with Honey

Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall, there is no time like the present to invite this bright burst of sunshine to your cocktail hour.
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Are you watching your weight? It is the center of summer, and that may be a rhetorical question. This Skinny Margarita will solve that problem.

How to Make Skinny Margarita Recipe

Skinny Margarita is a "thing". It's a lower-calorie alternative to the well-loved sugary counterpart that many of us gave up drinking in our youth.
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Make this Mojito with tequila, you can call it something else, more seasonally inclined. Especially if you serve it with fresh muddled blueberries.

Honey Mojitos

Our recipe for Honey Mojitos is sweet thanks to the Eastern Shore Honey that we used to replace refined sugar. Blackberry is great for drinks and would make the perfect sweetener for this recipe.
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Are you a Moscow Mule person? No problem there. Try swapping the vodka with tequila, you won’t notice a difference.

How to make a Moscow Mule with Honey

Looking for the signature drink for your next barbeque? This one is terrifically refreshing and easy enough to make.
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This Fruity Bee Collins is a drink that can easily host tequila in place of the gin that we recommend. With all the fruit on the side, you are in for a real treat.

Bee Collins Cocktail

Tom Collins cocktail is a classic from long ago. The cocktail’s base is made with gin, lemon juice, sugar and carbonated water. Our fruity take on this classic cocktail is what we call the Fruity Bee Collins Cocktail. Bee Collins is made with Eastern Shore Honey instead of processed sugars and fresh summer fruits that’ll really put you in the, should we say, spirit!
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If you decide to try making this recipe, share a snapshot with us using #waxingkararecipes on Instagram. We love seeing your photos!

Drink setting for eastern shore honey vodka Easy Cocktail Recipes including shaker, tray and fruit
Peach Margaritas are perfectly timed for summer