Celebrate National Blueberry Month

In celebration of National Blueberry Month, we showcase our Blueberry Blossom Honey from the Eastern Shore of New Jersey, where honeybees pollinate highbush blueberry crops. This light to medium amber honey has a sweet, buttery taste with a hint of berry. There are no additives to this honey to make it taste like blueberry. The flavor comes straight from the nectar of blueberry blossoms. It is tasty honey that adds flavor and dimension to a variety of dishes.

Blueberries are a crop that benefits from the bee’s help with pollination. Increased berry production is a result of the bees buzzing around the bushes. Bees gather the nectar from the blueberry bush that helps create this distinct honey. The fruit output increases up to 1000 pounds per acre when the mighty honeybee is on-hand to help. If you are interested in planting blueberry bushes, there are many resources to browse to learn more about optimum growing conditions.

Celebrate National Blueberry Month with one of these simple, delicious ways to eat blueberries and honey.

Enjoy your morning cup of coffee with a bowl of Power Porridge topped with blueberries to start the day off right.

power porridge with fruit and honey on table with honey dipper in dish resting on blue napkin

July is National Blueberry Month, so we are turning the spotlight on our Blueberry Honey.

This Blueberry Smoothie will start your day with a healthy dose of antioxidants.

When making a cheese plate with blueberry honey, you should add a nice bowl of fresh berries to your display. Everything works together like a symphony. Feed the senses by creating an artful presentation.

father's day gifts of blueberry honey on table with cheese

We love everything blueberry, and these honey blueberry muffins are hardly an exception. Try your hand and making these muffins fresh and surprise your family.

Here’s an idea serve these muffins with our black and blue jam. This jam is very low in sugar, and one of the things that I love about it is mid-January when I crack open a jar of this jam, filling my spirit with summer. I serve it on crusty toast and ice cream, among many other things!

Grill fresh peaches, add blue or gorgonzola cheese to the center, top with a little balsamic vinegar and blueberry honey, and serve with toasted walnuts for a luscious summer dessert.

An oh-so-delicious pre-dinner/appetizer favorite is to spread goat cheese crostini and add a drizzle of blueberry honey. To up the yum factor, nestle some fresh blueberries into the goat cheese.

Do you have a favorite way to eat blueberries?

Top your fresh garden salad with grilled chicken, then whisk together olive oil, blueberry honey, fresh lemon, salt, and pepper for a tasty honey dressing. I have been adding fresh blueberries to my salads; try it; you’ll love it!

honey grilled chicken salad

This Turkey Burger is WOW with Blueberry Ketchup that will be kept in the fridge for the month.

If you prefer a bit more of a ‘bite,’ try this Blueberry BBQ sauce. It’s so fun to make. I love it when the blueberries start to pop. You can serve it on your favorite fresh grilled fish or grilled chicken breast.

These popsicles are easy to make with fresh berries and honey and are a delicious and refreshing afternoon treat.

This Blueberry Ice Cream made with honey is a hit at any party. It’s dairy-free, but your guests don’t have to know. Be sure to thaw out about 30 minutes in advance since no food-grade anti-freeze is included in this recipe.

blueberries in the field at chesterhaven beach farm
Blueberries on the vine at Chesterhaven Beach Farm

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