Mother’s Day Honey Gifts Under $20

Mother’s Day Honey Gifts are a perfect remedy for those of you feeling a little stressed out about what to give mom this year. No worries, we have you covered with great honey gift ideas especially for Mother’s Day.

Enjoy out-of-the-ordinary honey gifts for mom that she’ll love for less than the cost of lunch with your friends. At our Honey House we meet lots of moms and daughters and we are happy to make these recommendations with confidence.

Mother’s Day Honey Gifts under $20

For Sweet Lips speak only words of kindness. Our Sweet Lips Honey Lip Tints and Organic Lip Balm will keep her lips moisturized and nourished with the magic of honey. Made with mostly organic, healthful ingredients for the most important lady of your life.

So easy to apply. So good for you. USA Made, eco-friendly, cruelty-free, and beautiful. From $8.

Her lips will never feel more rejuvenated

Raspberry Lip Scrub. and Blueberry Lip Scrub. Made with real raspberries, sunflower and coconut oils, and essential oils, wrapped in a fresh lemon bouquet.

Our plant-derived formulation is free from parabens, phthalates, petroleum based products, and synthetic fragrance and flavor. Mom will enjoy smooth, exfoliated and moisturized lips. From $15.

raspberry lip scrub no. 7

The gift of honey is a gift from nature.

One-of-a-kind honey that Mom has never before experience. Our Spring Honey is estate grown from Chesterhaven Beach Farm and completely different than any other honey anywhere. This honey pairs so well with our organic blends of Teas.

Sure to put a spring in her step, mom will love to add this artisanal, natural, rare and delicious honey to all her favorite delicacies, even her skincare routine. From $18.

This heroic jar of Waxing Kara Spring Honey is magic in a bottle.

Mother’s Day Honey Gifts under $20

Honey Lollipops take you back to a time when candy was made by hand. Think barley pops. Made with real honey from our farm. The perfect portable and mess-free sweetener for a relaxing cup of tea with her friends. Enjoy in four delicious flavors: Cinnamon, Lavender, Bourbon and our original Honey. From $10 for a bag of 3

They say that mother knows best

Well, our Wisdom Candle is sure to remind mom of all the wisdom she has given and received. Wisdom is our infamous pomegranate and sage fragrance combination that historically represents wisdom and immortality. From $12.

Honey Body Butter and Scrub, Spa Candle and Honey Soap

She won’t wash your mouth out with this soap!

Handmade Lavender Soap with Pumice polishes and then moisturizes her skin simply by flipping sides. Each bar lasts 3 weeks or more – if kept dry between use. Free of parabens, phthalates, sodium lauryl/eth sulfate, propylene glycol, or dyes. From $9.

Honey Lavender Pumice Soap 5 oz in Package

From soccer practice to PTA meetings.

Staying up late with a sick child and waking up early to make breakfast and lunch, moms are always on the go. Give mom the gift of Peace of Mind with our lavender-scented scrub made with real essential oils and formulated to relax, exfoliate, moisturize, improve texture and brighten her skin. From $16.

Peace of Mind Body Scrub in 4oz and 8oz size on white

She’ll find her place with these Mother’s Day Honey Gifts

If your mother needs a get-away, our Sun Butter offers a “staycation”. Sun Butter combines scents of summer botanicals, a tall glass of green iced tea and fresh fruits and berries. From $16.

Made with berry and lavender extracts, honey, and coconut oil, our body products are beautiful and environmentally conscious.

As tired as mom may be, her skin could use a little brightening.

Our Bee Inspired Mask, made with real berries, brightens, soothes and restores vitality to dehydrated skin, while vitamins in coconut milk and buttermilk soothe and moisturize as fruit acids improve your overall complexion. Mix with water or customize a treatment for her skin type for healthy, gorgeous, radiant skin. From $17.

Girls using Harvest, Sea and Tea, and Bee Inspired face masks.

All her aches and pains will melt away with our Spa Soak. Designed to detox and soothe her whole body as she restores hydration and provides her body with minerals that it’s missing. From $20.

Spa Soak at the spa

Mom deserves only the best. Browse our site and see the endless possibilities there are to give mom that extra special gift. Priced from $8. The best Mother’s Day gifts come from Waxing Kara. Our Honey House is open all weekend if you’re in town and want help putting something special together!

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