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Maryland is one of the oldest states in the Union, and the state’s history goes back thousands of years with the native peoples. Maryland Day celebrates Maryland’s history every year on March 25th. Waxing Kara has a special connection to the seaside state-we’re based out of Baltimore!

The Sultana on the Chester River
The modern Sultana represents one of the earliest examples of schooner building in North America. The original ship was the smallest schooner ever registered on the British Royal Navy Lists. As a vessel of mixed American and British heritage, Sultana has roots on both sides of the Atlantic and was on the scene when the American colonists took their first steps toward independence. Today, the Sultana is a floating classroom for learning about colonial maritime history, as well as the rich ecosystems of the Chesapeake and Delaware Bays.

Want to know more about Maryland Day? You’ve come to the right place.

To keep it simple, Maryland Day was born from state pride. In the 1630s, there was a push for English citizens to leave for the New World; a charter granted by the king in 1632 allowed this movement to happen. Quickly taking up the offer to colonize new land, around 140 people signed onto the voyage to North America, leaving in the winter of 1633.

When the ships reached the American coast, the native inhabitants were horrified.

The colonists formed peace treaties with the American natives, although it is well known that these treaties often took advantage of the indigenous populations.

These settlers then traveled to what would become St. Clement’s Island on March 25, 1634.

This is the day that we remember as Maryland Day; when the official founding of the Maryland colony took place.

A Little more about Maryland Day

Maryland Day became an official holiday in the early 1900s when it was used as a way to teach history in schools. Today, it is a day of cultural celebrations, with events happening statewide.

In some places, you might find festivals or feasts. In others, historical reenactments and demonstrations. To find events near you, visit

crabs for lunch

Check our blog for plenty of recipes for your Maryland Day get-together!

black eyed susans

Fun Facts about Maryland

  • The State Flower of Maryland is the Black-Eyed Susan
  • Jousting is the official sport of Maryland even though everyone thinks it’s lacrosse
  • Maryland State flag is the only state flag to be based on English heraldry. The black and gold design on the quartered flag is based on the coat of arms of the Calvert family. 
  • Kent Island is the third oldest English settlement and the first in the state of Maryland in 1631.
  • In 1696 King Williams School opened. It was the first school in the US.
  • In August 1813, there was a planned attack by the British on the community of St Michaels. Citizens were alerted and they hoisted lanterns into the trees surrounding the area. The height of the light caused the British to overshoot the town. An interesting side note: those British soldiers camped out overnight on Chesterhaven Beach Farm!
  • Annapolis, once served as the Capital of the United States, it is now known as the Sailing Capital of the world, sees over 4 million visitors a year.
  • Francis Scott Key was inspired by the flag sewn by Mary Pickersgill that waved over Fort McHenry when he wrote our National Anthem.

Famous people from Maryland

  • Mike Rowe was born in Baltimore Maryland
  • Harriet Tubman was born in 1820 in Dorchester County. She was the conductor of the underground railroad.
  • Babe Ruth was born in Baltimore
  • Frank Zappa was from Maryland
  • Clara Barton was from Maryland
  • Counting Crows lead singer Adam Duritz was born in Baltimore.
  • Tom Clancy was born in Baltimore. He wrote The Hunt For Red October while working at an insurance company in Owings Mills, where our Honey House is located. He was part-owner of the Baltimore Orioles when he died in 2013.
  • Oprah Winfrey’s career started in Baltimore at WJZ-TV
  • Michael Phelps was born and raised in Maryland
  • Billie Holiday was born in Maryland
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