Marking the Queen

Marking the queen was such a foreign concept to me. Picture hunting for the queen in a box full of thousands of bees. I will never forget my first (and last) time queen hunting.

Finding the Queen
Requeening a weak hive.

I can’t seem to find the time to do this. I never developed the do-it-fast aspect of being a beekeeper. When at the hive, it’s more like slow-motion. Maybe it’s the heat? Not so sure.

marking the queen

Here it is in a nutshell:

  • Open hive all the way down to the bottom brood box.
  • Visually search for the queen.
  • Carefully capture her in a Queen Marking Tube.
  • Apply a dot of brightly colored and non-toxic paint from a Queen Marking Pen.
  • In theory this will make her easy to find in the future.

I personally think that she is different enough from all the other bees that she’s easy enough to spot without putting her thru all of that stress.

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Kara waxes about the bees, creates and tests recipes with her friend Joyce, and does her best to share what she’s learned and continues to learn about the bees, honey, ingredients we use and more.

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