Sande Riesett, VIA Little Man Riesett

After waiting for hours to get an appointment with “Little Man Riesett” or his agent, Don I asked what all the fuss was about. For those of you who haven’t heard of Little Man Riesett– he’s an overweight, rakishly handsome Tabby who walks like a thug and is not at all afraid to stare down surrounding forest wildlife. Women think he’s hot. And we got an interview with him on behalf of his mom, Sande Riesett  (President of Show Your Soft Side, Inc.), an animal rites advocate and loving mother.

We asked Little man: What inspires Sande (aka, mom)? Aside from my roguishly handsome self, of course, my mom is inspired by the army of shelter workers, volunteers, rescues, and caring individuals, in and out of uniform, who are committed to improving the lives of animals.

Little Man Riesett 2

Little, what’s your mom’s favorite Waxing Kara Product?
“My mom LOVES the Peace of Mind Spa Candle. She says it makes her hands and feet feel like baby skin. Personally, I find giving my paws a good licking several times each day also works, but she’s shown no interest in that approach. Speaking of paws, I know mom can’t wait to get hers on WK’s new “spa in a bag.” Wax on, peeps.”

Little Man Riesett 3

What inspires you?
Waxing Kara. Bee Inspired.

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  1. Little Man does have a good voice on your products. He visits his spa to maintain his rakish good looks on a regular basis.

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