What Inspires Linda Lichtenauer?

Linda Lichtenauer is one of our beautiful customers at Waxing Kara. Balancing life as a wife, mother and home-maker, Linda finds ways to incorporate honey into her everyday life s a key part of a balanced lifestyle perfect for her whole family, and for good health.

Linda Lichtenauer what inspires you? Starting when I was a young  child and helping my mother bake and cook, I have always enjoyed watching the expression and reaction of people enjoying great food. When my kids were growing up, I also found it enjoyable passing this knowledge and passion onto them. So, now, I am inspired to make creative and interesting desserts, especially when entertaining at home or delivering snacks to my son’s teammates in college.

What is your favorite Waxing Kara Product? I really love all the honey (especially clover and bamboo). I love the body products, it’s a terrific way to start the day. What I love about them is how invigorating they are and how smooth they make my skin. The fragrance is light but stays with me. The spa candle is so pragmatic lighting up the room, filling the room with a fresh invigorating fragrance and then being able to use the oil to moisturize my dry skin.

What inspires you?
Waxing Kara. Bee Inspired.

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