What Inspires Laurie Gerard?

Laurie Gerard is one of our amazing customers here at Waxing Kara. I wanted to get to know her a little better because I think she is terrific, always providing input and feedback on our products! Lucky me that she agreed to go along with my request, and hand-wrote her response which she then mailed to our Honey House. I don’t get a lot of mail at the Honey House, so getting a handwritten letter was a real treat. Laurie is a mom to three, sister to three, wife to one and an over-qualified domestic goddess.

Laurie Gerard

Laurie Gerard, what inspires you? I am inspired when I’m with my family and when I am working out at the gym.

What are your favorite Waxing Kara products? I love the honey. Every flavor. I use it in my recipes and in my hot green tea. I also just tried the new spa candle and it’s fabulous!

What inspires you?
Waxing Kara. Bee Inspired.