What Inspires Karlen Poma?

When my long-time friend Karlen Poma rolled into town for a few days recently the question was more “What doesn’t inspire Karlen Poma?!” Despite this, I had to ask.

Karlen Poma what inspires you? Rich conversation. Sharing hysterical journey’s. Loud laughter. “What would you do’s?” Joys, sorrows, accomplishments and struggles.

What’s your favorite Waxing Kara product? I am a private chef and I love cooking with all of the honey. I especially enjoy hand-crafted cheese spread on fresh baked bread dribbled with Eastern Shore Spring Honey and a bottle of red wine. I also love waking up to a new day with a hot cup of joe stirred with a honey lollipop! A perfect way to start the day.

To see more of Karlen Poma’s recipes check out her Honey Glazed Chicken or Seafood and her Banana Honey Bread.