Can you do me a favor honey ?

Honey Favors on pink plate with baby shower announcement, next to muslin hand stamped sack on lace tablecloth next to a cup of tea and flowers.

Honey favors are a sweet and wonderful surprise for all of your party guests, or share them as teachers gifts.

Here at Waxing Kara we offer a great selection of honey favors that make wonderful gifts for wedding season. One of our most special and unique are our Honey Party Favors. What better way to commemorate your special day than to send your guests and your wedding party home with a sweet memento? We sell our Honey Party Favors by the Baker’s Dozen (the 13th is our gift)!

Honey favors on a silver trayMemorable and sweet honey favors for your guests

Each group of thirteen is a sampling of some of our most popular honeys, including Blueberry, Clover, Wildflower, and Orange Blossom. We package the honey in two-ounce glass jars and then place them in muslin drawstring bags, hand stamped with the Waxing Kara logo. Guests will enjoy this delicious honey favor! Enjoy up to 25% off orders over 100 units.

Honey Lollipops on a white backgroundAnother great item for wedding favors are our large honey lollipops sold in boxes of 50. We offer our large lollipops in three different flavors — Honey, Honey Lavender, and Honey Cinnamon. We have seen brides use the lollipops in a variety of creative ways. One bride turned the lollipops into a beautiful sculptural centerpiece for her reception. Each guest took a lollipop home at the end of the evening as their party favor. Other lovely uses include attaching the lollipop to place cards at the reception or incorporating the lollipops as part of the wedding invitations. Save 20% when you order more than 50 units. 

Sweet Lips Honey Lip Balm are a great honey favor or gift for anyone you love.

Our honey lip balm is also perfect for a sweet occasion. Love is already in the air, so why not soften up your guests lips! Kissable lips are important at a wedding. Lip balm is also a great item to leave as a welcoming gift at the hotel or B&B for out-of-town guests. Sold individually, but savings begin on quantities as low as 24 units. 

Each of these honey gifts are great on their own or as part of a party favor gift bag.

Honey Party Favors come in a stamped canvas bag and are perfect for holiday gifts.

Wedding planners on the Eastern Shore love our products for their customers. Wedding guests enjoy the lovely destination and are delighted to receive a gift from the shore. Our local gifts connect friends and family to the memories of weddings attended at the Eastern Shore. Whether your wedding is held at the Shore or in your own backyard, our honey favors are a wonderful way to share your joy and happiness with your guests. 

Honey Gifts are also perfect for end-of-year teacher’s gifts, hostess gifts, and summer party favors! Bee Love.

Honey Party Favors

Honey Party Favors


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