Honey Gift Sets

Looking for a little something for that special someone? Our honey gift sets are just what you need! Packed into little goodie bags and boxes, our honey and body products make perfect surprises. No matter the occasion (who even needs one, really?) we have something for you!

Perfect for Valentines, Mother’s day, birthdays, and any other special event, honey gifts will bring a smile to anyone’s face.

Honey Samplers + More

Our honey gifts are perfect treats for those foodies in your life…and your own sweet tooth! We’ve packed together collections of our pure, raw honey for you to get a taste of what the bees create on the Eastern Shore. Perfect for stirring into your tea or drizzling over fruit and oatmeal, our Honey Tasting Tower is a sampling of five of our favorite honeys. Arranged from light to dark, the honey in this set gives you an array of flavors to experience. From the light sweetness of Clover to the earthiness of Buckwheat, it’s really a treat.

Honey Tasting Tower on white background

A Honey Gift Set, as featured in the New York Times, makes a perfect presentation for holidays and housewarmings. Complete with four of our favorite honey varietals and a handcrafted box, this set fits perfectly in any pantry. Plus, the box is reusable-use it to store craft supplies, jewelry, or kitchen knickknacks.

Honey Gift Set with 4 different varietal and artisanal honeys outside box

If you know a tea drinker, our Tea for Two Tower is perfect. Two teas and three varietals of our honey are paired together in the sweetest way possible. It’s an ideal gift for a teacher, best friend, or neighbor – we know it’ll bring a smile to anyone’s face!

Assortment of teas

Bee Inspired® Goods

From body products to lollipops to candles, we craft a collection of Bee Inspired products to brighten your home and nourish your body. Designed around the motion of the bees and the changes in the seasons, our Spa Kits bring ultimate relaxation and pampering home. Our lip care line is full of goodies that make perfect stocking stuffers and thank-you gifts. Candles fill your home with delicious fragrances, while Body Scrubs+Butters treat the skin to some TLC. Whoever you’re looking to bee sweet to, we have something to bring a smile to their face.

Ingredients like clove oil, honey, and blackberries go into our Strength tower.