Gifts for Bee Lovers

Do you know someone who keeps bees? Or maybe a gardener or chef friend? If so, they might like a gift of honey! Bees work hard to make honey, and it is a special treat. We have many gifts for bee lovers, from honey to skincare products. Your friends will surely be delighted by Bee Inspired® goods made with pure, raw, Eastern Shore Honey.

a collection of Bee Inspired Honey

Pure, Raw, Eastern Shore Honey

Our seasonal Spring Honey and Wildflower Honey from upstate New York are specially curated for your enjoyment. Unlike other store-bought honey that contains additives, our honey is 100% pure and raw. It’s also Kosher certified, making it perfect as a Rosh Hashanah treat!

Not only are our honey lollipops perfect for parties and gifts, but they’re also ideal for keeping around the house. Soothe a sore throat or sweeten tea with one of our delicious lollies made with natural honey and flavorings.

honey lollipops for tea

Gifts for Bee Lovers in Every Room of the House

We love our bodies, so we only use pure and wholesome ingredients. Body Butters+Honey Body Scrubs, Lip Balm, and Dry Masks are formulated with ingredients like honey, berry powders, and tea extracts— never any fillers or funny business. And because we want what’s best for you (and your body), all of our Farm to Body® products undergo a rigorous testing process by formulators, chemists, estheticians, and perfumers before they ever see the light of day—or your bathroom cabinet.

Bee Inspired Scrub gifts for bee lovers

Shop Bee Inspired Honey House

Visit us in-store or shop online to browse our full line of products. Our Honey House is open Daily from 11-5, Thursday and Saturday until 7, and Sunday from 10-4. If you’re in the Baltimore area, we’d love it if you stopped by and said hello! Follow us on Instagram to stay in the loop on our newest products.