Honey Bee Gifts

Honey bees work hard to make their sweet and rich honey that humans have known and loved for centuries. The benefits of honey go far beyond the wonderful taste. It contains antioxidants and helps keep your body healthy. Today, honey is eaten raw, put into food products, and used in many spa products to enhance the skin and hair. What better way to treat yourself and others than to gift all natural honey bee gifts passionately made by our wonderful honey bees?

Waxing Kara is a premium supplier of responsibly and passionately made honey products including raw honey, beeswax, candy, candles, scrubs, and body butters. We also have a variety of amazing gifts made for everybody. Women and men alike love the taste of honey and can all get on board with the benefits of honey in amazing products made with care. Here’s a look at some of the gifts that we offer at Waxing Kara and a little bit more about our company.

Honey Bee Gift Sets

No matter who you are buying for, we have a perfect gift set for everyone. We bundle our wonderful products like lip balms, spa products, raw honey, teas, and our popular honey lollipops into gift sets, bags, boxes, and towers that make beautiful gifts. Here are a few of our most popular products:

Honey Lollipops variety

Honey Lollipops

Our honey lollipops are handmade with our very own honey along with other natural ingredients like pure cane sugar and canola oil. Enjoy them as a candy, place in a hot cup of tea, or use them to relieve a sore throat. Packaged in a beautiful muslin bag, our honey lollipops are individually wrapped to give away separately, or as a gift as a whole. We have original flavor, cinnamon, lavender, and even bourbon honey lollipops for everyone’s taste. Our lollipops come in bags of 3, 6, or 9 and even in a box of 50 for those that can’t get enough.

Honey tasting with 5 different types of honey on table with sunflower and information booklet

Honey Tasting Tower

Believe it or not, honey comes in many varieties that taste different depending on what plants are around the bee’s hive. Clove honey is common on grocery store shelves, but there are many other honeys that bring different things to your table. Our honey tower comes with five 2oz samples of amazing east coast honeys that we think you should try, along with a simple guide with recommendations for each one. Our honey is never pasteurized, blended, or infused. Check out our many types of honey here.

Medium Peace of Mind Spa Bag

Spa Bag

Pamper yourself, relax, and unwind with a spa bag filled with 2oz samples of our amazing products like honey scrub, body butter, soy candle, and lip balm. All of our products are made carefully by hand with natural ingredients and incorporate the amazing powers of honey into products that you can use to help your skin and lips, and bring healthy, healing scents into your home.

About Us

Our founder, Kara Brook, is a passionate artist that grew tired of outsourcing beeswax to make her preferred medium, encaustic, that is made of beeswax, tree resin, and pigment. She decided to take up beekeeping, and the rest is history! She used her passion to develop amazing products and artworks from our hardworking bees.

We believe in the power of bees, and recognize how important they are to a healthy environment and our human food source. We believe in their protection, and that’s why we have evolved our passions around our appreciation of them.

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