Honey Bee Gifts

Honey is perfect a perfect gift for your skincare-loving best friend, neighbor who loves to cook, and your own sweet tooth. Designed to nurture the skin and body with moisturizing botanicals and honey, our line of skincare products are perfect for anyone who loves to take extra care of themselves. Our pure, raw, Star K Certified Kosher honey makes a sweet treat for tea drinkers and people who love to cook and bake.

Honey Bee Gift Sets

No matter who you are buying for, we have a perfect gift set for everyone. Boxes Eastern Shore Honey, bags of Body Butter, and bundles of Lip Tints are just a few of our favorite honey gifts. Whether you’re looking for stocking stuffers or a special thank-you, our Bee Inspired® goodies will bring a smile to anyone’s face.

Honey Lollipops

Our Honey Lollipops are handmade with honey and other natural ingredients for a gourmet treat. Enjoy them as a candy, stir in a hot cup of tea, or use them to relieve a sore throat. A perfect gift for teachers, hostesses, and visiting children, Honey Lollipops come in a selection of flavors to suite every taste. Keep plenty on hand for using in your tea, for soothing sore throats, and just to brighten your day.

Honey Tasting Towers

To give you a sampling of the varieties of honey the bees can create, we’ve put together samplers of our favorite honeys. Each Honey Tasting Tower comes with five samples of pure, raw, Star K certified Kosher honey from beekeepers up and down the east coast.Harvested responsibly and bottled up fresh, our honey gives you a taste of the land that it came from. From sweet and floral Orange Blossom to earthy and strong Buckwheat, you’ll get a feel for what type of honey floats your boat.

Spa Bags

Pamper yourself, relax, and unwind with a Spa Bag filled with a complete line of products. All of our products are made carefully by hand with natural ingredients. Combing botanicals, minerals from the earth, and honey, Waxing Kara products nourish the skin and body. Each Spa Bag has been designed to exfoliate, soothe, and moisturize the skin with Bee Inspired goodness.

About Us

Kara Brook Brown is a passionate creator who took up beekeeping as a means of supporting her art. Encaustic, a medium made from beeswax and pigments, is the foundation for all of Kara’s works of art. Used to paint and sculpt, encaustic is an old medium, dating back to the classical Greco-Egyptian

How to treat a bee sting

We believe in the power of bees, and recognize how important they are to a healthy environment and our human food source. We believe in their protection, and that’s why we have evolved our passions around our appreciation of them.

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honey gift tray with wooden boxes ribbons and jars of honey
Honey Bee Gifts by Waxing Kara are perfect for every occasion.
Picture of a beautiful young woman holding a bunch of honey lollipops in her hands
Waxing Kara Honey Lollipops take you back to a time when candy was made by hand. Made with real honey from our farm.
Honey Tasting Tower on white background
Our Honey Tasting offers a selection of pure, raw, Kosher honey from different geographical and plant sources.
Spa Bag filled with Strength line
A Spa Bag makes an incredible gift.