Holiday Entertaining with Honey

Holiday entertaining always seems so daunting-but fear not! We are here to help. We’ve put together a list of our favorite bee-inspired snacks and gifts that will make your home shine like no other. Whether you’re having a decked-out dinner party or a simple girls’ night in, we have what you need to quickly pull everything together, even in a pinch.

Getting Ready for Guests

The ambiance of your home is always important when you have guests coming. Tired-looking holiday decorations, dim lighting, and anything other than festive aromas from the kitchen can put a damper on the holiday mood! Clear out your space and freshen everything up before your guests arrive. A winter centerpiece and bright, hand-poured Soy Candles always look beautiful.

Two Waxing Kara forest candles laying in holiday greenery

Warm your guests up with a pot of our blended teas-if they aren’t a fan of coffee; they will love a cup of Raven or Artful! Get a kettle of hot water before they arrive, and treat them to a warm brew to banish the cold of the winter. Add in a spoonful of our Eastern Shore Honey for perfect sweetness.

Ginger tea in the making

If you’re having your girlfriends over, you should treat them to one of our Dry Masks. Perfect for clearing away dry, dull skin and revealing a fresher, healthier complexion. A perfect way to get your evening started, a glass of wine would pair with these masks perfectly.

Haute Cocoa Dry Mask, Butter and Scrub all ready for an at-home spa treatment

Treats to Make Holiday Party Entertaining Easier

Rushing around the kitchen is no, fun-especially when you have guests arriving! These simple recipes would be great on any party platter to keep your friends happy.

Holiday Cheese Board
Charcuterie cheese board makes for a festive start to holiday entertaining

These Soft Pretzel Bites are yummy and easy to make in large batches. And, they’re so easy to customize-sprinkle with grated cheese, add diced jalapeño peppers or pimentos to the dough, or swirl in cinnamon.

Honey Mustard Sauce with Soft Pretzel Bites

We love this recipe just the way it is. These pretzels are crispy on the outside, but tender and soft in the middle. Dipped in the honey-swirled mustard sauce is perfection.
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These spicy nuts take just a few steps to cook up, and are great for leaving in bowls around your space. They pair well with a little drizzle of honey-a perfect sweet and spicy finger food.

Spicy Honey Nut Mix

This Spicy Nut Mix made with our honey really has a kick of sweet heat! Roasted with our Eastern Shore Honey, these nuts are crunchy and sweet and are the perfect on-the-go snack for day trips.
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Easy and so yummy, our Honey Glazed Bacon Wrapped Shrimp is a great way to kick off your holiday meals. Make a bunch, because they’ll go quickly!

Bacon Wrapped Shrimp Recipe

Bacon-Wrapped Shrimp Recipe with honey glaze is perfect any time of the year as an appetizer or full meal. Delicious with our Southern Corn Bread Recipe!
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Potato Latkes are a traditional dish for Hanukah-but they’re great for any winter festivity! Sweet and savory, you can add your favorite toppings and sauces to really make them shine.

Potato Latkes with Honey Apple Sauce

While they are certainly delicious year-round, we enjoy Potato Latkes with Honey Apple Sauce on Chanukah.
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Want something sweet to go along with all of these savory party foods? Our friend Marly has made plenty of festive pumpkin sweets that would be great on your holiday table-check out these adorable pumpkin donuts! Or you could always plan with a beautiful array of holiday cookies. Nothing is more fun than getting into the kitchen and making and decorating cookies for your friends, colleagues, and family. I know I used to do this every year but now, I make them all with honey!

holiday cookies on wood counter with dried oranges and cookie cutters with raw ingredients

Wrap up your party planning with a honey cocktail. Perfect for Christmas parties and your New Year’s bash, you’ll play bartender all night with our favorite Eastern Shore drinks. Enjoy!

Blossoms+Bourbon Cocktail

Orange blossom tipples are similar to the modern Screwdriver, but a little more special in our opinion. Our Bee-Inspired version takes the cake and is a perfect addition to brunches and weekend get-togethers.
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Try adding Cocktails made with festive spirits.

Skinny Rye Crush

I am always trying to make drinks with fewer calories so I skipped the syrupy sweet liquor often found in crushes. Honey makes this Rye Crush sweet enough. When you make this cocktail, fresh-squeezed orange juice is a must!
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An Eastern Shore Hot Toddy will warm up your guests if it’s cold outside.

Eastern Shore Hot Toddy

With Old Man Winter’s wrathfully upon us, here is a twist on a classic hot toddy cocktail that is sure to warm the soul and indulge the senses by Ricardo Garcia.
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Speaking of warm drinks, mulled cider is a crowd pleaser.

Mulled Wine Recipe

If we dig back in history, we learn that mulled wine dates back to the second century. The Roman soldiers mixed honey with wine and then slowly heated the mixture. 
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Cocktails made with tea are current.

Earl Grey Cocktail

A refreshing alcoholic drink made with your favorite spirit, earl grey tea with lavender, lemon, and honey syrup and sparkling wine!
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We’d love it if you’d share your holiday memories and photos with us! Tag us on Instagram, and use the hashtag #waxingkara all season long.

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