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For many of us, the new year comes with new resolutions. We vow to eat a better diet, or be more consistent exercise, or spend less time online. We’ve probably all tried making new year’s resolutions, but how often do we actually stick by our resolutions?

Rarely, at best.

The truth is, making a few simple lifestyle changes may lead to feeling better. With any luck, when we feel better, we stick with our new habits, and when we are successful at making lifestyle changes, we “flip the switch” from being temporarily committed to half-hearted commitments to making permanent changes.

A few nights a week, make dinner at home. Whip up one of our favorite Bee Inspired dishes for a healthier meal you’ll love.

Healthy Eats with Honey

These recipes are all easy to adjust as you see fit. Add chicken or shrimp or leave the meat out, or switch up the spices or vegetables we suggest to suit your taste. If you prep your meals one or two nights a week, you have a better chance of success.

Make our soups and stews ahead of time and freeze them for later. Take them out of the freezer to defrost while you go about your day and heat the dishes up in the microwave or a one-serving crock pot. Everyone at the office will be jealous of your homemade warm meal.

Hearty Dishes and Healthy Eats for Winter Evenings

Packed with all of our favorite veggies and beans, our Sweet+Spicy Honey Chili is made with beer and honey, just add toppings and serve with a loaf of crusty bread for a satisfying well-balanced vegan meal.

Sweet Spicy Honey Chili with Beer

Our Carrot Ginger Soup is so delicious it’s hard to believe how simple these healthy eats are to make. I find the most nourishing and delicious foods also are the foods that require only a few ingredients and come together in less than an hour including prep time.

Prefect any time of the year! This easy homemade Carrot Ginger Soup so delicious it’s hard to believe how simple it is to make.

Who knew you could make sweet potatoes into a delicious stew? This Sweet Potato Chili is smoky, sweet, and hearty enough to be piled overtop of rice or mashed potatoes. Pair it with a green salad for a well rounded, plant-based meal any night of the week.

Smoky Sweet Potato Chili served over rice

This Honey Glazed Acorn Squash tastes so good that you may not realize how good it is for you. Butternut Squash is a powerhouse with one of the highest amounts of Vitamin A and polyphenolic compounds. When you combine this veggie with the flavors of cinnamon and honey, you’ll be amazed that such flavor could come from a squash! One of our favorite healthy eats.

Healthy Eats with Honey feature many of the ingredients grown on the Eastern Shore of Maryland

This Lentil Soup recipe comes from our friend Joyce C. Wallace. You’ll find it to be a hearty and satisfying meal that will brighten any dark evening and leave you feeling satisfied. We were able to make this recipe in less than an hour, and you can make it ahead of time and freeze for even faster prep!

This lentil soup recipe is a nutritional powerhouse. It combines the nutrients, protein, good carbs & fiber in lentils with the antioxidant power of veggies.

I first had a version of this kale salad at the Ranch at Live Oak. Chef Kurt Steeber made amazing vegan food, and this is our best version of his salad. You won’t be disappointed with this recipe and you can add or take away anything to make it your own.

This kale salad eats like a meal. You will be surprised at how satisfying this simple salad is.

Thai Green Papaya Salad (also known as Som Tum) combines sweet, sour, salt and spice perfectly balanced for the palette. This low-calorie, nutritious salad is as easy to make as it is nutritious! It’s very light and would make a perfect side to any stir fry.  Adding grilled shrimp makes this salad a complete satisfying meal.

Learn how to make this easy and delicious papaya salad with green beans, tomatoes, peanuts, and dried shrimp with a tangy pungent chili lime dressing.

If you craft up any of our healthy eats, share a photo with the hashtag #waxingkararecipes on Instagram. We love seeing your photos!

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Kara waxes about the bees, creates and tests recipes with her friend Joyce, and does her best to share what she’s learned and continues to learn about the bees, honey, ingredients we use and more.

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