Fascinating Figs

Fresh figs right off of the tree

What comes to mind when you hear the word fig? Fig Newtons? Figgy Pudding? A plant you have heard of, but know absolutely nothing about! It was the same for me. I can remember every Christmas singing “Bring us some figgy pudding…and a cup of good cheer!” I had no idea that this little plant that we sang about during the holidays, or enjoyed for a midnight snack was so beautiful and so meaningful.

Fig tree in progress up close

Fig Fun Facts

  1. The portion of the fig that is actually consumed is an inverted flower. The blossoms grow on the inside, and many people confuse these blossoms for the seeds.
  2. These powerful little fruits are known for their rich content in dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals, both dried and fresh.
  3. California is the leading producer of dried and fresh figs for the United States. Figs thrive in an area that is hot and dry, which makes California perfect!
  4. There are many different types of figs, and actually most do not require a specific pollination process. Instead a form of wasp, know as a fig wasp, hatches inside the fig and proceeds in pollination.
  5. They actually have two different harvest seasons. One is during the summer around the month of June. The other occurs in September. If you’re lucky, you will have another harvest before the end of October also!

In case you’re interested in dishes to make with figs we suggest this honey fig smoothie or these crispy goat cheese fig crostini. There are always these amazing honey pepper figs from our friend at Forest Feast.

Honey Fig Smoothie in glass with fresh-picked fig leaf and fig in process on white marble counter with white bowl filled with bananas

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