Fig Recipe Round-up

What is your favorite fig recipe? I am not sure how it is that I have collected so many (and I mean a lot) of recipes using figs and have failed to neatly organize them in one place. Do you know what figs are? If you don’t know what figs are, I am afraid you can’t unlearn this information, and I am leaving the story for someone else to tell. My husband and I planted a fig tree (a small graft from my friend Joyce’s tree) on the farm around 10 years ago. Our fig tree is now the very most beautiful and abundant tree on the farm.

Fig tree in progress up close
Chesterhaven Beach Farm fig tree just before they are ripe

My friend Joyce and I have tried to do everything and anything with figs from drying them in a dehydrator to freezing them to making preserves and most recently she figured out her healthy take on “fig glutens-free” (read: Fig Newtons).

Dried figs next to a towel

We happened to have an amazing year for figs this year. The right amount of sun, rain, and whatnot for the perfect storm of beautiful ripe figs for 2 straight weeks. It looks as though we will have another round of them in the coming month if the weather doesn’t dramatically change.

frozen figs picked on chesterhaven beach farm, ready for making your favorite fig recipe.

My favorite fig recipe

I have grown to love them frozen so that I can enjoy them beyond their 2-week window. No special instructions here. Pick them, wash them, dry them, put them in a freezer bag and try to remove all the air from the bag. Throw them in smoothies, or thaw them out for that 3: 00 in-the-afternoon-pick-me-up–guilt-free.

Honey Fig Smoothie in glass with fresh-picked fig leaf and fig in process on white marble counter with white bowl filled with bananas
Smoothie Fig Recipe

Honey Fig Smoothie

This is a delicious way to use your frozen figs. A Honey Fig Smoothie is delicious any time of the year. This high fiber smoothie is perfect as an on-the-go breakfast made with our Spring Honey.

How to Make a Fig Smoothie Recipe

Now you can get figgy with your morning smoothie. Go out to the fig tree, pick a handful of figs, and follow the directions below on how to make a fig smoothie!
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Easy Honey Pepper Fresh Figs

Erin Gleeson shared this Honey Pepper Fresh Figs recipe in honor of our fig harvest. When I arrived here yesterday I grabbed a handful and ate them right off the tree! What a treat. Gotta love our friends over at Forest Feast. Simple recipes are the best, especially when they are paired with our Spring Honey!

Honey Pepper Figs ForestFeast

Fig Compote

Most compotes are made with dried fruits, we revisited the traditional compote and added fresh figs and our fresh-harvested Spring Honey. This Fig Compote is a divine seasonal treat that we know you’ll love.

Fig Compote

Most compotes are made with dried fruits. We revisited the traditional compote and added fresh figs. This fig compote is a divine seasonal treat that we know you’ll love.
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Fig Focaccia

Fig Focaccia makes a great hors d’oeuvres any time of the year. Picture serving this Fig Focaccia at the beginning of a warm gathering of friends accompanied by some wonderful mulled wine. You can use sliced dried figs for this dish, making it an easy winter staple!

Fig Focaccia

Want to make this really easy? Go to Trader Joes and get their prepared pizza dough and make this as a fig and cheese pizza. Nobody kneads to know! Get it?
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Goat Cheese Fig Crostini

Goat Cheese Fig Crostini is an easy and delicious appetizer. You will find us serving this for 2 solid weeks each year on Chesterhaven Beach Farm. Crostini is an Italian word that translates to “little crusts” and is an appetizer consisting of small slices of grilled or toasted bread accompanied by a variety of toppings. The toppings may include cheeses, meats, fruits, and vegetables, or maybe simply prepared brushed with olive oil and our Spring Honey and topped with herbs or a sauce.

Goat Cheese and Fig Crostini

This is a quick and delicious appetizer to serve to your guests at the height of fig season!
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Figs on Chesterhaven Beach Farm for our favorite fig recipe