Easy Cocktail Recipes Made with Honey for New Year’s Eve

Easy Cocktail Recipes for the Holidays

If you’re getting ready for a New Year’s Eve party, you probably should be thinking about what drinks you can serve, fast and easy. While a bottle of champagne or a case of beer is suitable, why not try something a little fancier? Impress your guests this year with a signature cocktail!

We’ve collected some of our favorite drink recipes into this cocktail roundup for you to try out before your party. We know you will find something to tickle your fancy while you ring in the new year!

A New Year’s Easy Cocktail Recipe Roundup

Eggnog is a classic holiday drink that only comes out once a year and we have a great recipe for it! Made without dairy, it’s better for you and the environment.

Eggnog served chilled in a glass sprinkled with cinnamon

Dairy Free Eggnog

This Dairy-Free Eggnog is made with Eastern Shore Honey. Here we offer the traditional recipe and the stovetop recipe if food-safety is of concern.

Check out this recipe

Mulled Wine is a spicy, elegant drink that any merlot lover will fall for. It’s warm, flavorful, and traditional without being stale.

Big pot of Mulled Wine with rosemary garnish, sliced citrus fruit on wooden cutting board and cinnamon sticks

Mulled Wine Recipe

If we dig back in history, we learn that mulled wine dates back to the second century. The Roman soldiers mixed honey with wine and then slowly heated the mixture. 

Check out this recipe

Bourbon and honey are a perfect match for this time of the year. This signature cocktail is warm and bright, just like the holiday season.

Butter Bean Honey posing with bourbon before it's added for Easy Cocktail Recipes

Honey and Bourbon

Maybe you have a little cold. Maybe you’re sick of the cold. Either or, this cocktail promises to warm you to the core as if you’re in the center of apiary in the middle of July. 

Check out this recipe

Skinny Margarita is a festive signature drink to serve on New year’s Eve or at any party! I made the last batch with Blackberry Honey and muddled fresh blackberries in the glass and it was terrific.

Skinny Margarita made with eastern shore honey and citrus juice

How to Make Skinny Margarita Recipe

Skinny Margarita is a "thing". It's a lower-calorie alternative to the well-loved sugary counterpart that many of us gave up drinking in our youth.

Check out this recipe

Our Eastern Shore Honey Moscow Mule is made with none-other-than Eastern Shore Honey. It will warm your guests as it becomes the life of the party. The mugs make this cocktail different.

Honey Moscow Mule on wood tray in copper mugs accompanied by Waxing Kara Spring Honey

How to make a Moscow Mule with Honey

Looking for the signature drink for your next barbeque? This one is terrifically refreshing and easy enough to make.

Check out this recipe

Try this Skinny Rye Crush. It’s delicious and almost guilt-free. Almost. Maryland-made if you happen to be in Maryland, excellent for a Maryland theme party.

Rye Crush set with Sagamore Rye, fresh squeezed orange juice our honey and candles on wood cutting board

Skinny Rye Crush

I am always trying to make drinks with fewer calories so I skipped the syrupy sweet liquor often found in crushes. Honey makes this Rye Crush sweet enough. When you make this cocktail, fresh-squeezed orange juice is a must!

Check out this recipe

This Cucumber Gin Cocktail easily fits any fancy get-together. Try adding in mint instead of rosemary for a cool and crisp alternative. We love making cocktails with Hendricks Gin.

Cucumber Gin Cocktail with Honey closeup with sweat and cucumber garnish

Cucumber Gin Cocktail

Herbal cocktails have a special place at the table. They aren't too sweet or too bitter; they're earthy and refreshing. Try this Cucumber Gin Cocktail with Hendricks Gin.

Check out this recipe

Don’t forget the garnish! Our Honey Lollipops make such a special garnish to any cocktail! I have been known to crush them into tiny pieces and rim a cocktail with them.

Bourbon lollies are perfect for cocktails.

Mojitos really are a classic summer drink, and this recipe for Honey Mojitos makes the classic cocktail extra special. Hailing from Cuba, mojitos are cool, sweet, refreshing and well suited for summery days by the pool or vacations to white sandy beaches.

honey mojitos with fresh blueberries in rocks glass on pier

Honey Mojitos

Our recipe for Honey Mojitos is sweet thanks to the Eastern Shore Honey that we used to replace refined sugar. Blackberry is great for drinks and would make the perfect sweetener for this recipe.

Check out this recipe

This Pomegranate Beer Shandy is a great unusual drink for your parties. Made with beer and fruit juice, it’s not too sweet but still bubbly and colorful!

Pomegranate honey shandy

Pomegranate Honey Shandy

shandy is a beer-based cocktail that is surprisingly tasty! A British shandy is typically a lighter beer mixed with a lemon-lime drink.

Check out this recipe

Honey Ginger Iced Tea would be a great drink for a party if you spiked it with a shot or two of your favorite vodka. Or, blend it together with a hard lemonade for a half and half like no other!

Honey ginger iced tea is refreshing and so quick to make.

Honey and Ginger Iced Tea

This Honey and Ginger Iced Tea is simple to brew and makes enough to quench the thirst of you and several friends and requires only a few ingredients. This is a perfect drink to make for a day spent on the beach or a night by the campfire.

Check out this recipe

We hope you enjoyed this New Year’s Eve Easy holiday cocktail round-up featuring cocktails made with our Eastern Shore Honey.

As you prepare your home for guests, don’t forget the ambiance. For the full effect, light a bunch of forest candles 30 minutes before your guests arrive. They will arrive at a home filled with the aroma of the holidays. Offering a signature cocktail in a special glass further sets the tone.

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