Simple decisions that we make can make a big impact on Earth Day

In April of 1970, Earth Day was born. Earth Day is a time to pause and think about the health of the environment. Earth Day arose out of a sense of urgency about saving our planet—what emerged was a global movement.  Today, our planet faces many challenges as efforts to roll back environmental legislation and regulations gain momentum.

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There are some small steps that we can take to help protect our environment

  • Support bees and other pollinators in your community by planting a pollinator garden.
  • Refuse to use pesticides.
  • Do your best to lower your carbon footprint. Walk a little more, drive a little less.
  • Conserve energy wherever you can.
  • Eat whole organic food found in local markets and support your community farmers and makers.
  • Support clean energy.
  • Share Earth day gifts to make the holiday more festive
  • Use bar soap instead of liquid soap. Bar soap is made from natural fats and oils and is free of parabens and sulfates, is naturally anti-bacterial, and it does not need the kinds of preservatives found in body washes.
The Earth does not belong to us, we belong to the Earth-Chief Seattle

April is such a busy time of the year for us. The bee season starts back up after months of near-dormancy. We celebrate Easter and Passover. School, for a large part of our team, is coming to a close and there are usually tears at some point, from lack of sleep and lots of stress. It’s an easy time of the year to cut out the “extras”. Celebrating Earth Day could easily be foreshadowed by all of our activities and excitement but Earth Day is brightly shining in the center of our Honey House.

A few months ago we decided to create a promotion for Earth Day to share with our very best customers.

It started with a seedling (pun intended) of an idea and we explored the ends of the earth to find the perfect gift to share with our customers that would encourage them to think about our beloved honey bees and become more connected with our mother Earth on Earth Day.

With every purchase* of $25 or more, we are tucking in a seed-ball collection designed for pollinators so that you can help save the bees in time for Earth Day. It’s easy, just follow the directions on the enclosed card and soon you’ll be feeding all the bees in your neighborhood.
*In-store and online. While supplies last. Limit ONE per customer. 

In celebration of Earth Day, take care – and feel good about yourself and the environment.