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two ingredient sorbet in scooper and pan on dark wood table

Processed Sugar-Free Sorbet with Honey

As much as we love ice cream, it isn’t always the healthiest treat (especially if you have a dairy allergy). This sugar-free sorbet combines the idea of ice cream with summer fruit into one creamy, healthy treat. All you need is the fruit, and hon …

paleo cookies on plate on wood table

Easy Paleo Cookies Made with goodMix Blend 11

On a rainy Friday morning, I am in our test kitchen, working on a new cookie recipe. The goal is to come up with yet another healthy cookie that can be served for breakfast lunch or dinner. These paleo cookies are made with goodMix blend 11 and a compl …

Coconut Macaroons and coffee maker on kitchen counter with our Spring honey from Chesterhaven Beach Farm

Coconut Macaroons Recipe

This Coconut Macaroons Recipe is actually good for you. This treat is very low in sugar and there are no ingredients that are controversial to my health-coach friend Joyce. Here’s what I’ve learned: Coconut is full of fiber, vitamins, minerals, electro …

Picture of front cover of Waxing Kara "Farm to Table with Honey" ebook

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breakfast cookies made with honey, butter eggs and other whole foods

Breakfast Cookies

I try to make sure that the content that I publish to our blog is timeless, with this one, instead, I am trying to document history for myself. We’ve been on house arrest because of COVID-19 for 8 days. A few days ago we took a ride over to our favorit …

Woman cutting a piece of old fashion apple pie in honor of national apple pie day

Old Fashioned Apple Pie Recipe

Wondering what the star ingredient is of this spectacular Old-Fashioned Apple Pie recipe? If you guessed honey, you are right. Honey will caramelize the apples in the baking process offering a flavor that can’t be achieved any other way. In this recipe …

Honey Banana Bread sliced on cutting board on dark table top

Honey Banana Bread

It’s so easy to make Honey Banana Bread with just a handful of ingredients. You can make this a healthier version of itself by swapping out the butter with coconut oil…but really, this will always be a special treat! It happens all the time: we start …

National Cookie Day set in kitchen with wheat eggs, Waxing Kara raw honey, milk and a burlap sack in the kitchen counter

Healthy Desserts for the New Year

Even when you make your resolutions for the New Year, you’re sure to want something sweet. We cut back out the unhealthy elements of many desserts (artificial flavorings, empty calories, preservatives, and colorants) to give you treats that you won’t f …

holiday cookie recipes in the making on wood table with berries

Holiday Cookie Recipes Roundup

If you are looking for perfect holiday cookie recipes, we think you’ll find one here. Cookies seem to be the theme-gift this year. We like ours made with honey. While there are plenty of family recipes being made and tweaked, there is always room for o …

Cranberry Orange Biscotti on baking sheet with Waxing Kara Orange Blossom Honey and 2 oranges

Cranberry Orange Biscotti

Why sit down to a cup of coffee without a treat nearby? That’s why this Cranberry Orange Biscotti recipe will come in handy. Sure, making your own biscotti is a little more work than the typical cookie, but the results are completely worth it. And thes …

Gingerbread men cookies with colorful icing

Gingerbread Cookies Recipe

Once upon a time, long long ago, I would take a few days off of work to work. I spent those few days in the kitchen making a crazy amount of homemade scratch gingerbread cookies. My gingerbread cookies recipe was not my own, to begin with. The first wa …