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Haute Cocoa Honey Body Scrub

Why Exfoliate?

If you are wondering why you should exfoliate, the answer is for healthy skin. Exfoliating dead skin cells speed up the renewal process and allow for healthy new cell growth. The process of exfoliation brings your complexion from dull to bright, vibran …

A joyous and sweet Rosh Hashanah to you and yours

Rosh Hashanah Dinner Ideas

Traditional Rosh Hashanah dinner ideas start with your family. The good news for us, at Waxing Kara, is that the meal starts with honey. Literally. “Don’t forget to bring home honey” is one of my to-do list items each year. Life here is nuts. I am so b …

woman facing camera in towel prior to dry brushing

Dry Brushing Skin

Dry brushing can be a simple addition to your body care routine. By gently sweeping and massaging a body brush over your skin, you can buff away dead skin cells, improve circulation, and invigorate your body. Brushing the body also stimulates the lymph …

Picture of front cover of Waxing Kara "Farm to Table with Honey" ebook

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A very large Breakfast table shot overhead with 4 types of toast eggwhites on blue plate and arms ready to start eating in honor of Better Breakfast Month including newspaper

Better Breakfast Month Recipes

September is Better Breakfast Month and to celebrate, we share all sorts of breakfast recipes for you to enjoy. There’s been a lot of talk lately about breakfast, and if it is still the most important meal of the day. The recent study I saw leads me to …

A section of comb from the hives

Celebrating National Honey Month

September ushers in National Honey Month and Rosh Hashanah, which means it’s time to enjoy sweet savings! September marks the start of National Honey Month, our favorite time of year! Celebrate the occasion with a jar of our Eastern Shore Honey. All of …

Bees on Raw beeswax out of the hive dripping with honey photo by Kirsten Elstner

Beeswax Uses Right from the Hive

Every once and a while, a visitor comes to the Honey House specifically for our beeswax. These people are DIY mavens: they’ve either been using beeswax for various projects for years, or recently saw something on the internet and feel like being c …

Eastern Shore wildflowers give a source of food to the wildlife on the farm.

Eastern Shore Life | Part Three: Maryland Wildflowers

Native Maryland wildflowers cover our farm and give our bees the nectar needed to produce two types of our Eastern Shore Honey. Wildflowers cover around 60 acres of our land, and we continually add more plants to expand our fields. To share this c …

Summer Blackberries on the Shore

July, August, and September mean heat, humidity, and bugs… but also some of our favorite summertime fruit! But, the heat also brings with it some of our favorite treats: summer blackberries and fruits! Berries grow wild just about everywhere on Kent …

Waxing Kara Spa Scrub on table besides woman in bathtub

Spa History: Rest and Relaxation Through the Centuries

Spa History The history of the modern spa began in North America as it came into popularity during the mid to late 1700’s, as British Colonials brought their practices with them to the new world. These practices and their evolution stem from the ancien …