Caffeine and Skin

For many of us hustling every morning to greet the day, a brisk dose of caffeine can mean the difference between vivid awareness and semi-conscious drudgery. It jolts us to life, picking us up as the day dwindles down. But caffeine doesn’t just give your brain a boost! Caffeine and skin go hand and hand, as long as you have the right products!

Caffeine contains vasoconstrictive qualities, which is the temporary shrinking of blood vessels. In turn it reduces both redness and swelling of the skin as well as tones down puffiness.

Dermatologists suggest that regular application of skin care products incorporating caffeine may reduce redness and inflammation associated with various skin conditions.

International Association for Physicians in Aesthetic Medicine (IAPAM)

Haute Cocoa products, caffeine and skin

Awaken Your Senses

Using a coffee scrub, like our Grounded Body Scrub, helps to exfoliate the skin while also increasing circulation. The increase in circulation may also help to boost your skin’s elasticity and plumpness. This blood flow helps to push your skin into producing more of its own collagen. Perfect for gardeners and home chefs, Coffee Bar Soap exfoliates the skin and helps to eliminate dirt and cooking odors from the skin.

The chocolate lovers out there are also in luck. Our Haute Cocoa Scrub delivers a punch of antioxidants and caffeine to the skin, thanks to a blend of honey crystals, plant butters, and pure cocoa. For the face, a Haute Cocoa Mask gives the skin the vitamins it needs to combat dullness and discolorations. Pure cocoa has very high levels of caffeine, making it perfect for brightening and tightening your skin!

A bold serving of pick-me-up, all without the prep and mug. So go ahead- pick your perk.

A Wake-Up Call For Caffeine
Evaluation of the efficacy of topical caffeine in the treatment of psoriasis vulgaris

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