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Success Is Going from Failure to Failure Without Losing Your Enthusiasm --Winston Churchill

In honor of Winston Churchill Day

It’s Sir Winston Churchill Day! Today is the day that Winston Churchill became an honorary citizen of the United States. Success Is Walking from Failure to Failure Without Losing Your Enthusiasm Sir Winston Churchill Who was Winston Churchill? Sir Wins …

homemade caramel corn recipe made with honey

Homemade Caramel Corn Recipe

Homemade Caramel Corn is so easy to make, you’ll wish you thought of this recipe yourself. This recipe was submitted by our friend Lori LaCombe, an amazing and enthusiastic health advocate. Popcorn is packed with antioxidants and hidden health benefits …

Picture of front cover of Waxing Kara "Farm to Table with Honey" ebook

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Charoset, it’s the glue that keeps Passover together

What is Charoset? The word Charoset comes from the Hebrew word cheres, which translates to “clay”, fitting for the dish, which is a thick, dark-colored paste that resembles mortar. The Charoset Recipe is a fruit and nut mixture made with apples, f …

DIY Honey Oat Scrub in honor of National Oat Month, in glass with spoon with side-dish of honey

Honey Oat Scrub for Face and Body

We present this Honey Oat Scrub for face and body as a simple self-care recipe that is truly beneficial to the skin. Some of my friends are a little skeptical about putting food on their faces and body. I say, if it is good enough to put into your body …

Coconut Macaroons and coffee maker on kitchen counter with our Spring honey from Chesterhaven Beach Farm

Coconut Macaroons Recipe

This Coconut Macaroons Recipe is actually good for you. This treat is very low in sugar and there are no ingredients that are controversial to my health-coach friend Joyce. Here’s what I’ve learned: Coconut is full of fiber, vitamins, minerals, electro …

breakfast cookies made with honey, butter eggs and other whole foods

Breakfast Cookies

I try to make sure that the content that I publish to our blog is timeless, with this one, instead, I am trying to document history for myself. We’ve been on house arrest because of COVID-19 for 8 days. A few days ago we took a ride over to our favorit …

Flag waving for Maryland Day

The Buzz on Maryland Day

Maryland is one of the oldest states in the Union, and the state’s history goes back thousands of years with the native peoples. Maryland Day celebrates Maryland’s history every year on March 25th. Waxing Kara has a special connection to the seaside st …