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paleo cookies on plate on wood table

Easy Paleo Cookies Made with goodMix Blend 11

On a rainy Friday morning, I am in our test kitchen, working on a new cookie recipe. The goal is to come up with yet another healthy cookie that can be served for breakfast lunch or dinner. These paleo cookies are made with goodMix blend 11 and a compl …

Field of flags in warm light and tall autumn grasses for Veterans Day and Memorial Day

Memorial Day Cookout on the Shore

Memorial Day marks an important time to honor the fallen who have defended our freedom. We all have family and friends who have paid the ultimate price for our freedom. Many will barbecue, play games, or rush to the beach. Let’s please take a moment an …

Honey strawberry scone with a drizzle of dairy free icing on white table with fresh strawberries

Strawberry Scones Recipe

This Strawberry Scones Recipe is a delicious part of your next breakfast or brunch. With a strawberry scone recipe, you can expect fresh strawberries baked into a flaky scone and drizzled with a simple honey sauce. They say breakfast is the most import …

Picture of front cover of Waxing Kara "Farm to Table with Honey" ebook

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Ideas for Mother's Day Brunch overhead of large picnic table filled with food and friends reaching in to fill their plate

Ideas for Mother’s Day Brunch

So, you’re all set for mom, you’ve found the perfect gift and now it’s time to WOW her with your cooking skills that you likely got (or didn’t get) from her. What better way to sweeten Mother’s Day Brunch than with a little honey. Try any combination o …

How to Grow Strawberries in Hand

How to Grow Strawberries

Learning how to grow strawberries is easy and rewarding. It’s the fruit that signals “summer has arrived.” Bright, red, and beautiful and sweet as sugar, strawberries are a staple to our diet starting in late May/early June on the Eastern Shore of Mary …

These oatmeal cookies are delicious and really unique because they aren't dry or cakey. The are thinner and crispy.

Oatmeal Cookies with Dried Fruit

Oatmeal cookies are one of my favorite treats. When they’re right out of the oven, warm and soft, they’re divine. Store-bought cookies just don’t do it for me anymore; homemade is always better! We spruced up these cookies with our Spring Honey, b …

macro image of corner of honeycomb

Real Trumps Fake, Especially for Sweeteners

In the nation’s quest to nourish its citizens with real, natural, unadulterated food, there is an increasing stream of thought around the return to “primal” roots. One nutritional shortcoming, debated often amid continuing massive consumption, is the i …