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Maya in beautiful skin, outdoors sharing her summer skincare routine

Maya shares her Summer Skincare Routine

It’s officially summer and that means that the Summer Skincare Routine is in order. I would take east coast heat and humidity of summer over the cold, dry air of winter any day. For anyone with sensitive skin, I’m sure you share the same sentiments. My …

new row of grosso X featuring yellow butterfly

How to Make Lavender Body Oil

Lavender Body Oil is a relaxing elixir that’s simple to make. Growing Lavender is easy and offers many positive rewards. The vibrant purple lavender flowers, or better known as lavender spikes and buds, may be used for a variety of purposes f …

Eastern Shore wildflowers give a source of food to the wildlife on the farm.

Eastern Shore Life | Part Three: Maryland Wildflowers

Native Maryland wildflowers cover our farm and give our bees the nectar needed to produce two types of our Eastern Shore Honey. Wildflowers cover around 60 acres of our land, and we continually add more plants to expand our fields. To share this colorf …

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Eastern Shore Life-Finches

Eastern Shore Life | Part One: Eastern Goldfinch

Eastern Shore life is relaxing and beautiful, that is after we sit down for the day! Over the past few years, we have put in endless hours on our Kent Island farm to create the perfect environment for native plants and animals, including the Eastern Go …

Summer Blackberries on the Shore

July, August, and September mean heat, humidity, and bugs but also some of our favorite summertime fruit! But, the hot weather also brings with it some of our favorite treats: Summer Blackberries and fruits! Berries grow wild just about everywhere on K …

field of mustard in full bloom

Celebrating National Mustard Day

In the early days, we were open to suggestions for ideas on what to grow for the bees. One of my most revered beekeeping teachers told me how much bees love mustard. I added mustard to our wildflower mix and watched in amazement as the field quickly bl …

watermelon feta salad with honey dressing fresh mint tomato onion and olives in plate on table

Watermelon Feta Salad

Are you looking for something interesting to bring to the picnic? This Watermelon Feta Salad is for you. Your friends and family will revel over all the time you slaved over this dish. You’ll know the truth that it took about 15 minutes to prepare! The …