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Does everyone know that beard oil can double as facial oil? Just wanted to make sure you know.

We acknowledge there is a certain spike in popularity with facial hair (among men; women, however, will never, ever like it). We maintain that smooth, well-kept whiskers (not only for the wearer, but for anyone who may come into contact with said furry face) are the kind that get the most points on our mustache meter.

Ok, we’ll admit they’re growing on us.

Maintaining a beard style should (and really…needs to be) a part of the beard-wearers routine. Regularly shampooing and conditioning a full beard, along with frequent trims, will keep it from looking unkempt and messy. Since beard hair is much coarser than the hair on top of one’s head, using oil will help to soften and moisturize the follicles.

Regularly shaving to keep the beard line clean is a must; overgrown hairs tend to look unruly and wild. Our Shave Bar Soap was developed to give you a smooth shave without sulfates or drying ingredients. It’s the perfect way to maintain a sharp beard, or to keep your face completely smooth and dapper.

Beard oil is anhydrous. No water, no bacteria!

Oils do not require preservatives, but they will still eventually go rancid. That in mind, keep an eye out on the expiration dates of the oils in your cabinet. Be sure to use this recipe within a year and you won’t need to worry.

As mentioned earlier, this beard oil is also suitable for use over your whole face and neck. A good, light facial oil will help lock moisture into your skin, while also delivering antioxidants and vitamins to your cells. Facial oils should be used after cleansing the skin, and after you apply your moisturizer. If your skin isn’t that thirsty, it’s OK to put oil on a damp face right after you cleanse.

Carrier Oils and Skincare

Carrier oils form the base of your beard oil. They are blended with essential oils and other botanicals to treat the skin and hair. Carrier oils are rich and emollient, and each oil offers different benefits for all skin types. Apply oils to damp skin and hair to lock in hydration.

Never put oil on top of dry unwashed, unmoisturized skin, it will not be of service to skin texture.

Jojoba – is actually a wax that is similar to naturally occurring oil in human skin (sebum). It’s easily absorbed by the skin and has an indefinite shelf life. Jojoba oil is perfect for every skin type, even those that are acne prone.

Sunflower – is very light and rich in vitamin E, which is a good thing for improving skin health. Vitamin E also helps with the shelf life of the oil, which is about 2 years.

Coconut – is one of the best natural moisturizing and hydrating products on the planet. Solid and fractionated coconut oils are both available. Most people like the solid stuff better because it’s less processed than the latter. Coconut oil will be too heavy for oily and acne prone skin.

Sweet Almond – is a very popular inexpensive light oil that provides a wonderful smooth feeling on the skin. The shelf life is about a year. 

Avocado Oil– contains tocopherol (ultimately vitamin E), great for skin and helps retard rancidity. Avocado oil is a wonderful moisture source that soothes itchy, dry skin.

Nourishing Beard Oil Recipe with Essential Oils

Essential oils are made from all sorts of plant materials. Barks, roots, and leaves can all be processed, depending on what type of plant is being used. Essential oils are very concentrated, and must be diluted before being applied to the skin. Some oils aren’t suitable at all for application on the skin; make sure to do your research and patch test on yourself to check for sensitivities.

Some of our favorite essential oils include geranium bourbon, lavender, orange, and vanilla. Use other oils, like lemongrass and cedar, in small concentrations.

If in doubt, or if you are sensitive to fragrances of any kind, feel free to leave out the essential oils.

If you decide to make your own beard oil, be sure to take a photo or a selfie and share them with us using #waxingkararecipes on Instagram. We love seeing your photos!

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Beard Oil Recipe

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  • 1/2 oz jojoba oil
  • 1/2 oz sweet almond oil
  • 3 drops lavender essential oil
  • 2 drops citrus essential oil


  • In a clean+dry class dropper bottle, create your carrier oil. We recommend blending together the ultra-light and nourishing jojoba and sweet almond oils. Adjust the oils in your base to suite your skin type and personal preferences.
  • Once your base oils are blended together, add in a few drops of your favorite essential oils. Experiment with fragrance combinations and treatments with different oils.
  • Replace the cap on your bottle and shake to combine. Store away from light and heat and use within six months.
  • To enjoy: Apply to clean skin. Place a small dab on fingers and rub into beard. Warning: Discontinue use if irritation occurs. Store away from light out of extreme temperature.

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