Bath Soaks Soothe the Skin, Body, and Mind

Spa Soak is made with pink and sea salts and rose petals to soothe and relax the skin

Do you ever wake up with painfully cramped legs? Does running make the muscles in your feet tighten up? Mysterious hand and muscle cramps can often be traced back to an imbalance between the fluid and salt levels in your body. Potassium, magnesium, and water are needed for muscles to contract properly. However, using bath soaks and staying hydrated can help reduce cramping.

Several years ago, Kara was able to work with Dr. Mark Hyman to combat a minor health issue. In talking with Dr. Hyman, she learned about how salts and minerals play a major role in one’s well being. It was from the first-hand results that she experienced that she designed a line of body soaks that help soothe muscle aches and encourage each and everyone to take care of themselves.

Spa Soak at the spa

Most everyone will experience a lack of minerals at one point or another. Dehydration, rigorous exercise, and even some medications can cause trace minerals to be depleted in your body. Bath soaks may help to replenish missing salts into your body. When you use them, you fortify your skin and muscles with trace minerals and much needed magnesium, it helps with aches, pains and cramping.

Mineral Salt and Botanical Bath Soaks

Our original formula, Peace Soak, combines together Epsom and Dead Sea salts with lavender buds from our farm. The minerals in the Dead Sea salts leave your skin looking more radiant, relieve dry skin issues and are widely recognized for relaxing and therapeutic effects and restorative properties. Epsom salts have similar effects on the body. It dissolves easily, perfect for soothing sore muscles, relaxing bath soaks, and calming foot baths.

Formed from an ancient seabed, Himalayan pink salts are rich in trace minerals that cause a distinct peachy color. These salts are perfect for use in bath soaks, as the abundance of minerals restores the skin and body.

All of our salts come straight from the source, from an ethically and ecologically approved vendor.Spa Soak contains Himalayan pink salt and sea salts, and is blended with rose and lavender botanicals to create a luxurious fragrance. We also use pink salts in our Chesterhaven Scrub-these salts are very fine and gentle on the face.

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