Autumn Facial Recipe

Our Autumn Facial is part of the Harvest Ritual, which celebrates fall. Your skin continues to change and shift with the seasons. Now that the weather is starting to get chilly, your skin will need an extra dose of moisture. The dry-cool autumn air can leave skin dry and dehydrated, which is why this autumn facial is so important. Many people begin their major moisturizing regimen in the winter, as they start to notice and see their skin drying out. You want to get on top of that, and moisturize before your skin becomes dull and dehydrated.

To give your face a much-needed moisture boost, try this facial treatment. It’s designed to soothe, brighten, and rebalances thanks to the raw honey and real pumpkin pulp. Both are filled with naturally occurring skin-loving nutrients.

Pumpkin contains enzymes that aid with cell turnover. This ultimately brightens and smooths the skin. Raw pumpkin also contains vital vitamins, such as Vitamin E, A, and C, that give back to your skin to replenish what it loses throughout the day. Enjoy an antioxidant infusion as you cleanse, nourish, and exfoliate.

How to mix your Autumn Facial:

  • Mix equal parts of Harvest Mask and Raw Autumn Honey
  • Remember that a little goes a long way, but you do want a nice even layer on your skin
  • Apply to skin and allow to dry completely (about 15 minutes)
  • Gently remove with warm water, pat dry
  • Finish with your favorite moisturizer.
Autumn facial mix made of equal parts of harvest mask and raw autumn honey on white background
Harvest Mask, open, with spoon full of mask on plate with pumpkin and pumpkin seeds

Want the full body treatment?

Start with a dry brushing session, and follow the protocol enclosed within. Each Autumn Harvest Ritual contains a harvest butter, scrub, soy candle, and Peace of Mind bath soak.

If you decide to make the harvest face treatment, take a selfie and share your photo with us using #waxingkararecipes on Instagram. We love seeing your photos!