Five festive and easy recipes to make your virtual Cinco de Mayo party the best celebration of the year!

Want to sweeten up your virtual Cinco de Mayo party? Our unique, sustainably-crafted Eastern Shore Honey imparts wonderful flavors to tacos, salsas, and cocktails. I’ve curated a few Cinco de Mayo recipes using our favorite honey, and we hope you will share them with your family and friends. Raise a toast to your friends at a virtual cocktail party and enjoy the night!

Think skinny at your Cinco de Mayo party

Skinny Margarita made with Butter Bean Honey. Our Butter Bean Honey comes straight from the Eastern Shore of Maryland. Its silky smooth flavor with hints of peach makes it a perfect pair for your favorite silver tequila. The recipe is simple and, best of all, guilt-free!

How to Make Skinny Margarita Recipe

Skinny Margarita is a "thing". It's a lower-calorie alternative to the well-loved sugary counterpart that many of us gave up drinking in our youth.
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Peach Margarita with fresh peaches and Autumn Honey. You could actually craft this cocktail using any of our delicious honey. We’ve made it with blueberry, blackberry and orange blossom honey as well.

Peach Margarita with Honey

Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall, there is no time like the present to invite this bright burst of sunshine to your cocktail hour.
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Did you just say mojito?

When you make one with honey, it makes all the difference in the flavor. This one we made with a craft spectacular club soda that we found at our local grocer and boy does it have a kick! Muddle in a few fresh blueberries, and you’ve achieved perfection. This mojito recipe is timed well for the warmer weather that’s setting in.

Honey Mojitos

Our recipe for Honey Mojitos is sweet thanks to the Eastern Shore Honey that we used to replace refined sugar. Blackberry is great for drinks and would make the perfect sweetener for this recipe.
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Drink setting for eastern shore honey vodka Easy Cocktail Recipes including shaker, tray and fruit

Do you salsa?

Summer Salsa is a lovely sweet and savory happy hour treat. If you are familiar with the canning process, you can make a big pot of this and can it to enjoy all winter long. One of my favorite things to do on the Eastern Shore is visiting my friend Joyce, foraging in her garden, and creating a new recipe. This one was straightforward and so delicious because everything that we made with our hands came from the earth, (the chips, however, were store-bought.)

Summer Salsa

This is a perfect summer salsa to whip together when the garden is overlfowing and you want to make a dish that can last all winter long (if you preserve/can)
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Eastern Shore Honey-Marinated Fish Tacos with Slaw! We use honey twice in this recipe – once in our fish marinade and once in our slaw. We recommend a light, mild honey to give the dish a balanced sweetness. Avocado Honey plays well with the cilantro and lime, while our Spring Honey imparts a nice bright flavor.

Fish Tacos with slaw

A wonderful low-calorie and satisfying meal right from the Eastern Shore when made with rock fish.
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We have plenty more Cinco de Mayo recipes, that go beautifully with our wide variety of natural Eastern Shore Honey, just look around in our honey recipes!