3 Big Reasons Why You Should Add Honey to Your Smoothies

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Honey is a golden super food that has been used for centuries. Many know it as an effective medicine that can be used to treat wounds and burns, while others use it as a sweetener in their coffee. However, did you know that honey can be the perfect addition to smoothies? That’s right; whether it’s a breakfast or a midday smoothie, honey adds essential nutrients, such as calcium, copper, iron, and magnesium to your already healthy concoction. But that’s not all. Let’s see other major reasons why you should make honey the key ingredient in your smoothies.

Honey turns bitter into sweet

So, let’s get real; not all smoothies are delicious. They might be very good for you, but certain ingredients like kale, bitter melon, and even ginger can make your morning smoothie hard to enjoy. To remedy this, don’t hesitate to add at least two teaspoons of honey to your smoothie. And if you’re worried about calories, don’t be. Honey contains only about 64 calories per tablespoon, so it won’t make that much of a caloric difference; however the difference in taste will be astounding. In other words, once you add the honey, its sweetness takes over, and  the bitter taste practically fades away. Needless to say, with honey, you’ll be able to enjoy the health benefits of a very healthy smoothie without squinting every time you take a sip.

You get additional nutrients with honey

If you prefer a berry smoothie that lacks certain nutrients like calcium, magnesium, or iron, add honey to get all the essentials elements your body needs. This golden super food can also be a nutritious addition to a smoothie if you’re a diabetic and need extra protein without the saturated fat. The secret in this case is to use it in moderation – so instead of two spoonfuls, use only one. Honey doesn’t contain any fat or cholesterol so it’s also perfect for individuals who need to keep their cholesterol level in check.

Honey aids muscle repair 

So we know how beneficial smoothies can be before or after a workout, but did you know that adding honey to your smoothie can actually aid muscle repair? Just a dollop of this golden substance can significantly enhance muscle repair by boosting glycogen production which is essential for muscle restoration and blood sugar control. So, whether it’s a leafy green  or a tropical banana smoothie, make sure you don’t leave honey out.

It’s no surprise people refer to this golden substance as a ‘superfood’; after all, it does have super properties. However, the secret is to consume it on a daily basis, and in moderation.

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