The Story

Waxing Kara™ started as my “handle” when setting up most social media channels a few years back. As an encaustic painter, I spend a good bit of my time flinging wax across the studio and I thought it was a fun name to be known by, not so serious that I wouldn’t be approachable. Over time “Waxing Kara” became the name of my blog. When it came time to name this line of “Bee Inspired” goods I looked at a variety of names but when I realized that the verb “Waxing” means “to grow or become” I thought it was appropriate to represent this new brand of honey products. The act of changing careers can be overwhelming, luckily for me this has been the most natural, relatively painless transition I’ve undertaken and I hope that you are as inspired as I am by the bees and what can be made from their hard work.kara-brook-sig